Rigel Plus Latest Arrival 1920 720 Rigel Plus Series

Rigel Plus Latest Arrival 1920 720 Rigel Plus Series

Rigel Plus

The Best Choice For Rich Outdoor Visual Experience by Xtreme Media Rigel Plus
RG Side Angle RG Plus Front Side Angle

The best choice for rich outdoor visual experience

Rigel Plus series is the go-to LED displays for all outdoor applications. These outdoor LED displays come with IP65 Rating for both front & the back ensuring their longevity and durability.

Xtreme Platina 7 Year Warranty

The world’s first & only warranty promise that ensure protection to your Investment, Reputation and Peace of mind once you have bought LED Display from Xtreme Media.
We are the only Indian LED Display Manufacturer to comply with 12 International quality standards..

Efficient Engineering Xtreme Media

Efficient engineering

High grade components Xtreme Media

High grade components

Largest In house service team in the industry with chip level repair capabilities Xtreme Media

Largest In-house service team in the industry with chip level repair capabilities

Zero Downtime Xtreme Media

Zero Downtime


IP 65 (Front & Back)

The Led Displays are IP65 rated (front & back) which ensures that the displays are weather-proof and can sustain any harsh environment. The Cabinets are specially designed to ensure that the displays last for long.

High Brightness up to 5500 nits

Capture fine details without compromising on brightness levels required for outdoor operations. Various pitches are tuned to the required brightness levels.

Vigilant Technology

Xtreme Media Outdoor led displays come with special monitoring cards which allows the controller to detect any faults that may occur for example – FRC cable failure, Cabinet door opening, pixel failure, Power failures.

Lightweight due to die-cast Aluminium build

The cabinets of Rigel Plus are made of die cast aluminium which makes the cabinets lightweight and easy to install. The lightweight of the cabinets also enables the structure to be long standing and easy to maintain.


Model Name XM Rigel Plus - 4.4 Rigel Plus - 5.9 Rigel Plus - 10
Pixel Pitch (mm) 4.4 mm 5.93 mm Bestseller 10 mm
Cabinet dimension (W x H x D) mm 960 x 960 x 115 960 x 960 x 115 960 x 960 x 115
Weight (kg/m2) 22 22 22
Service Access Front / Back Front / Back Front / Back
Maximum Brightness (nits) 5000 5500 5500
Viewing Angle 160 x 160 160 x 160 160 x 160
Contrast Ratio 5000 : 1 5000 : 1 5000 : 1
Max Power (W/m2) 550 550 550
Refresh Rate (Hz) 3840 3840 3840
Ingress Protection Front IP65 / Back IP65 Front IP65 / Back IP65 Front IP65 / Back IP65
Cabinet Type Die-Cast Al Die-Cast Al Die-Cast Al
Data Processing 14-16 Bit 14-16 Bit 14-16 Bit

These specifications are standard and can be customized. May change without prior notice.

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