Twist Banner Flexible and light weight displays

Twist mobile Banner Flexible and light weight displays

Twist Series

concave convex side view

Flexible LED Displays

Xtreme Media Twist series is an indoor flexible LED video display which can be bent to produce curved shapes. It is easy to install and front accessible for a convenient troubleshooting process. Available in fine pixel pitches starting from P1.87mm, high resolution can be achieved to produce superior quality images and videos. A lightweight, agile, and easy to maintain twist series is the ideal choice for your next innovation.


Enhance an irregular surface can be converted into a creative canvas, for e.g. a wave-like ceiling, a twisted cube, a curved wall, etc. This bendable LED display can be customised to take any shape and form factor.

Concave and convex shapes

Twist can be wrapped around cylindrical structure to create a stunning an overhead display in retail spaces or on a wall with an inner curve to create an elegant curved backdrop display.

Achieve Upto "X" Degree of Curvature

Standard indoor cabinets are restricted to an angular curve of upto ±15° only. With Twist, upto ±X degree of curvature can be achieved.


Model Name XM Flex-1.56TI-SMD XM Flex-1.88TI-SMD XM Flex-2.5TI-SMD XM Flex-3TI-SMD XM Flex-3.8TO-SMD
Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.56 mm 1.88 mm 2.5 mm 3 mm 3.8 mm
LED Type SMD 1010 SMD 1010 SMD 2020 SMD 2020 SMD 1921
Module Dimension (W x H, mm) ** 200 X 150 X 95 240 X 120 X 95 240 X 120 X 95 240 X 120 X 95 304.8 X 304.8 X 95
Weight (kg/m2) 40 40 40 40 50
Service Access Front Front Front Front Front
Standard Brightness (nits) (cd/m2) 1000 800 900 900 5000
Viewing Angel 110 x 110 110 x 110 110 x 110 110 x 110 110 x 110
Contrast Ratio 2000:1 2000:1 2000:1 2000:1 2000:1
Max. Power (Watts/m2) 700 800 800 750 600
Refresh Rate (Hz) 3840 3840 1920 1920 3840
Ingress Protection IP 30 IP 30 IP 30 IP 30 Front IP 68 / Back IP 54
Cabinet Type Mild Steel Mild Steel Mild Steel Mild Steel Mild Steel
Data Processing 16 Bit 16 Bit 16 Bit 16 Bit 16 Bit

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