Experience Beauty With Precision Fine Pitch Display And Truecolor™ LED

Fine Pitch Display And Truecolor™ LED Experience Beauty With Precision

Fine Pitch Display

Designed with latest TrueColour™ technology, Fine Pitch LED Videowalls provide impeccable viewing experience. Super high contrast ratio together with HDR technology deliver highest quality images with ultimate clarity and detail.

Feel the virtual for real with TrueColour™

The 22-bit colour depth together with high dynamic contrast gives the viewer a breathtaking experience with its vibrant visuals and stunning color display like never before

High Contrast Ratios and Grayscale

Xtreme Media Fine Pitch displays offer high contrast ratios upto 20000:1 and higher bit grayscales which together uplifts the color scape in the display and deliver astounding visuals.

Save Energy with GreenTech™

Get energy efficient and save any unwanted power consumption with GreenTech. the special power supply system for effectual energy utilization.

Constant monitoring with Vigilant-IoT™ technology

Vigilant-IoT™ technology allows the end user to monitor the real time status of the LED video wall by providing alerts for any component failure.

Be assured of 99% uptime with Redundancy

The high-end application displays need zero failure rates with quick and efficient recovery. The fine pitch screens are equipped with backup data and power system which reduce the chances of complete failure and screen blackout.

Lightweight Screens and Smart Design

Xtreme Media fine pitch cabinets are connector based and do not require additional external cabling. These lightweight cabinets ensure smooth and easy installation and maintenance.

The Fine Pitch Display Series

Finopex Scheme – LED Displays on Lease

During this tough time we do not want you to compromise on your brand marketing.
Hence, all our LED Displays are now available on lease.

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