Entertainment Digital Display Solutions

Today’s audience expects more than entertaining content when they visit a theatre, gaming arcade, or any entertainment avenues. They expect a memorable and sharable experience. Keeping this in mind we have designed LED displays that are immersive, unique, and never fail to wow a visitor. Right from architectural displays with unique forms to the digital trailer wall, we offer a customizable experience and not just the display. These displays help in delivering remarkable customer experience, creates a digital ad space, to promote the products and services, and much more.

LED Display Solutions

In a brightly lit indoor environment static glow boards or LCD digital display may appear to be dull. LED displays deliver the truest colors with high brightness, it can form into unique shapes up to any size, and creative canvas to deliver one of a kind immersive visual experience. Theaters use indoor LED displays to showcase their branding videos, market upcoming movie trailers, and entice moviegoers by showcasing food and beverages offers. As blank walls and pillars are converted into digital it becomes an ad space to monetize on. LED displays clubbed with augmented reality and engaging content drives excitement and lets the viewer live ‘the experience’.

Easy to install and maintain

Easy to Install and Maintain

Seamless Experience

Seamless Exprience

Robust And Weatherproof

Robust and weatherproof

High Brightness And Contrast

High Brightness and Contrast

Digital Signage and other Software Solutions

Xtreme Media’s software solutions are web-based providing agility to manage the display networks from anywhere. With centralized digital signage, theaters can push the content and manage the display easily. This brings operational efficiency and ease, uniformity in content without any geographical barriers, and flexibility to change the content n number of times. One can monitor the network of displays and generate reports on a real-time basis. Meanwhile, other software solutions help to keep the audience engaged and help trigger the right content to the audience to generate revenue.

Centrally Controlled

Centrally Controlled

Real time Updates

Real-time Updates

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Types of Software Solutions

Case Studies
LED Video Wall Display Xtreme Media at Inox Leisure Limited

Inox Leisure Limited

Pixel Pitch – P3 and P4
Application – Entrance LED display, Large Format display, LED Ticker, Outdoor LED display, Pillar LED display
Cities – Pan India

Inox Leisure Ltd. Is one of India’s luxury theatre chain. To add on to their classic touch, Xtreme Media has provided a complete solution to Inox that includes LED displays, digital signage software, and digital menu boards. More than 40 vibrant and dynamic LED displays are installed at Inox Leisure Ltd.

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LED display for PVR cinemas

PVR Cinemas

Pixel Pitch – P3
Application – Bulkhead display, Cylindrical display, Pillar display, LED ticker, Large format LED display, Entrance display Cities – Pan India

Since PVR Cinemas wanted to go all out with their modernization, Xtreme Media offered to install various forms of LED displays theatres which were not only unique in shape and size but many of the concepts are first of its kind in India. A nostalgic environment is created by showcasing digital montages of notable film people from all around the globe on the various LED display, it truly touches the heart of movie lovers and adds the artistic vibe to the lobby.

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