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Media Players Banner One-stop-shop for all your hardware needs

Media Players

XM Play is a series of digital signage media players designed and tested by Xtreme Media. Media players are a vital part of the digital signage system, especially for on-premises setups. Xtreme Media Players are available on two platforms: Android and Windows. All our media players are designed for usage spanning long hours. We offer industrial grade media players as well as media players for basic usage, along with various storage and processing capabilities for them. XtremeSignage, our flagship signage software, comes in-built with all our media players.


Cross Platform Solution 1

Cross-Platform Solution

  • Compatible with multiple media player operating systems
  • Supports Android, Windows, LG WebOS, and Samsung SSSP
Powerful Processing

Powerful Processing

  • Ensures smooth running
  • Provides seamless playback experience
4k support

4K Support

  • Supreme picture quality, with over 8 million pixels
  • Sharp and crisp viewing experience.
Multiple Orientations Support

Multi Orientation Support

  • To suit your space needs
  • Play content in landscape or portrait modes

Android Digital Signage Players

We have a wide range of digital signage media players designed on this popular & widely used OS platform. Xtreme Media offers players suitable for basic use to the industrial level usage. The feature-rich players support Android KitKat and above. It transforms the dumb display into a smart TV through HDMI connection. A plug and play device offers easy connectivity and high storage capacity which makes it an ideal choice for large digital signage networks.

Windows Digital Signage Players

One of the most trusted and oldest OS platforms for digital signage is Windows. Xtreme Media windows players are packed with powerful processing and security for clients. A lot of our customers in the banking sector trust our windows players for their digital signages. We also used these players for other high-end applications such as interactive digital signage and interactive wayfinding. A supreme player design is also robust in nature.


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