crystal series Transforming Clarity Through Transparency

Crystal Series

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Transforming clarity through transparency

These adhesive LED displays breathe life into the surroundings by delivering transparency up to 90% and high brightness, thereby transforming any glass into a stunning visual display. This innovative integration of technology harmonizes aesthetics with functionality, enhancing the overall immersive experience for visitors.


Sticks on glass directly without any structure

These adhesive LED displays effortlessly adhere to glass surfaces without the need for any additional supporting structures.
Sleek and light weight

Transparency upto 90%

These adhesive LED displays offer exceptional transparency, allowing for up to 90% of the underlying glass surface to remain visible. This impressive level of transparency ensures that the displays seamlessly integrate with the environment while still delivering vibrant visual content.
High Brightness

Unique LED lamp with integrated IC

The unique LED lamp with an integrated IC (Integrated Circuit) represents a cutting-edge lighting solution that combines the efficiency and longevity of LED technology with intelligent control capabilities.
Easy to install and maintain

High brightness and grayscale

These displays ability to produce vibrant and clear visuals due to high brightness and grayscale make them a versatile and eye-catching solution for a wide range of applications, be it advertisements or artistic installations.


Model Name XM Crystal -3.91-3.91 XM Crystal-6.25-6.25
Pixel Pitch(mm) 3.91mm-3.91mm 6.25mm-6.25mm
Cabinet dimension (W x H x D) mm 250x1000 - 250x1200 250x1200 - 250x1500
Weight (kg/m2) 6 5
Service Access Front Front
Maximum Brightness (nits) 4000 5000
Viewing Angle 160 x 160 160 x 160
Contrast Ratio NA NA
Max Power (W/m2) 800 800
Refresh Rate (Hz) 3840 3840
Ingress Protection IP30 IP30
Cabinet Type Die cast Al Die cast Al
Data Processing 14-16 Bit 14-16 Bit

*comes in two variants, standard and high brightness

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