Earth Series Energy Efficient displays reducing power consumption by 55%

Energy Efficient displays reducing Earth Series power consumption by 55%

Earth Series - Energy Efficient

Earth cabinet 300 300 Front
Earth cabinet 300 300 Front Earth Side 300 300 Earth Cabinet Front 300 300

Common Cathode LED Displays

Your search for the perfect outdoor display ends here! The high brightness and lightweight cabinets provide greater flexibility to install these displays at any location. What’s more, this common cathode LED helps you further by reducing the energy consumption without enduring a loss in quality.

Power Saving with common cathode LED display

Spend 50% less than your regular electricity bill with our energy efficient display. Common cathode technology combined with the usage of special power saving IC and high efficiency PFC power supplies avoid wastage of power and helps in saving energy.

High Brightness for Greater Visibility

Xtreme Media's high brightness outdoor display offers great visibility to make sure that your content shines bright even in peak hours of sunlight.

Vigilant-IoT™ Technology

Stay updated with real-time operational status of your display with our innovative smart monitoring feature which sends alerts in case of critical component failure.


** These are standard specifications and can vary as per custom requirements.

Model Name XM Earth 6.67TO-SMD XM Earth 8TO-SMD XM Earth 10TO-SMD
Pixel Pitch (mm) 6.67 mm 8 mm 10 mm
LED Type SMD 2727 SMD 2727 SMD 2727
Cabinet Dimension(W x H x D, mm) ** 1280 X 960 X 115 1280 X 960 X 115 1280 X 960 X 115
Weight (kg/m2) 29 29 29
Service Access Front / Back Front / Back Front / Back
Brightness(nits) 6000 6000 6000
Viewing Angle 140 x 140 140 x 140 140 x 140
Contrast Ratio 5000:1 5000:1 5000:1
Max. Power (Watts/m2) 590 590 590
Refresh Rate (Hz) ≥ 2400 ≥ 2400 ≥ 2400
Ingress Protection Front IP65 / Back IP65 Front IP65 / Back IP65 Front IP65 / Back IP65
Cabinet Type Die Cast Al Die Cast Al Die Cast Al
Data Processing Upto 16 Bit Upto 16 Bit Upto 16 Bit
Certification CE, FCC, BIS CE, FCC, BIS CE, FCC, BIS

Xtreme Platina 7 Year Warranty

The world’s first & only warranty promise that ensure protection to your Investment, Reputation and Peace of mind once you have bought LED Display from Xtreme Media.
We are the only Indian LED Display Manufacturer to comply with 12 International quality standards..

Efficient engineering


High grade components

Largest In-house service team in the industry with chip level repair capabilities

24 hours support service

Zero Downtime

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