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LIT Series

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Mini LED Display

Powered with new mini technology Xtreme Media LED displays offer fine pixel pitches with pixel level repairibility. LIT Mini is the future of LED displays in the true sense offering mind-blowing 16K resolution, HDR10, high contrast ratios and mini technology. LIT Mini displays are easy to maintain and high on performance.

Micro LED Displays

Enthral your senses with a surreal experience using Xtreme Media’s premium range of LIT series micro LED displays. Powered by micro technology, these super fine 0.6 mm pitch displays captivate viewers with up to 16K high-resolution, vibrant HDR10 picture quality and high contrast of 20000:1. The Micro LED allows the screen to be transformed into a touch display along with being highly stable which lowers failure rate by 10 times making it the ultimate LED display for digital transformation.

Finest Pixel Pitch in market – 0.6mm

LIT series of LED Display are curated to deliver the finest visual experience and to enliven any environment with its elegance.

Feel the virtual for real with TrueColour™

The 22-bit colour depth together with high dynamic contrast gives the viewer a breathtaking experience with its vibrant visuals and stunning color display like never before.

High Contrast Ratios and Grayscale

Xtreme Media Fine Pitch displays offer high contrast ratios up to 20000:1 and higher bit grayscales which together uplift the color scape in the display and deliver astounding visuals.

Save Energy with GreenTech™

Get energy-efficient and save any unwanted power consumption with GreenTech. the special power supplies for effectual energy utilization.

Remote health monitoring with Vigilant-IoT™ Technology

Our smart diagnostic technology monitors and reports the real-time status of the display components for critical applications. Track pixel failure, cabinet voltage, temperature, humidity, and fan speed from the comfort of the control room.


The high-end application displays need lower failure chances with efficient and quick recovery. The fine pitch screens are equipped with backup data and a power systems which reduce the chances of complete failure and screen blackout.

Case Studies


SBI Boardroom

Applications –Boardroom Display
Pixel Pitch – P0.9
City – Mumbai

SBI picked Xtreme Media list series LED Display to upgrade their boardroom room visual. The pixel pitch of the screen is 0.9mm of our LIT series which enhanced their boardroom experience.

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Untitled design 91

SBI Boardroom

Applications –Boardroom Display
Pixel Pitch – P0.9br /> City – Mumbai

SBI picked Xtreme Media list series LED Display to upgrade their boardroom room visual. The pixel pitch of the screen is 0.9mm of our LIT series which enhanced their boardroom experience.

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** These are standard specifications and can vary as per custom requirements.

Product Name XM LIT-0.9TI-IMD XM LIT-1.56TI-IMD
Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.94mm 1.56mm
LED Type IMD 0.9 IMD 15
Cabinet Dimension(W x H x D, mm) ** 600 x 337.5 x 49 600 x 337.5 x 49
Weight(kg/m2) 35 35
Service Access Front Front
Brightness(nits) 800 600
Viewing Angle 140 * 140 140 * 140
Contrast Ratio 20000 : 1 20000 : 1
Max. Power (Watts/m2) 700 700
Refresh Rate (Hz) ≥ 3840 ≥ 3840
Ingress Protection IP30 IP30
Cabinet Type Die-Cast Al Vigilant Die-Cast Al Vigilant
Data Processing 16 Bit - HDR10 16 Bit - HDR10
Certification CE, FCC, BIS CE, FCC, BIS

Xtreme Platina 7 Year Warranty

The world’s first & only warranty promise that ensure protection to your Investment, Reputation and Peace of mind once you have bought LED Display from Xtreme Media.
We are the only Indian LED Display Manufacturer to comply with 12 International quality standards..

Efficient engineering


High grade components

Largest In-house service team in the industry with chip level repair capabilities

24 hours support service

Zero Downtime

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