Curved LED Displays Installed By Xtreme Media In Association With Solutions India At T2 Mumbai International Airport

T2 is an exemplary case of “Design & Technology”. The entire theme has been designed by keeping in mind the image of India as an emerging power with a rich culture heritage. Hence, Mumbai Duty Free at T2 (MDFS) required an advertising display that would be in sync with their existing theme. Keeping this in mind, Xtreme Media pitched the solution of Curved LED displays.

LED technology is defining almost every major innovation in technology space and display technology is no exception. Xtreme Media has provided turnkey solution to MDFS for its 2 LED displays i.e. 28 feet concave LED display&Oval display of 75 feet circumference.


The project was divided into 3 main phases.
1) Designing
The solution was designed keeping in mind the requirements of MDFS. Choosing the right curved shape suitable for client’s location was a big challenge. Keeping in mind the theme for T2 XM pitched 2 Indoor architectural LED video walls.
1. Concave shaped LED video wall

Dimensions: (approx…)

Width: 27.29 ft
Height: 3.35 ft
Pixel pitch: 4mm
2. Oval Shaped LED Video wall

Dimensions: (approx…)

Circumference: 75 ft.
Pixel Pitch: 4 mm
Width: 31 ft.
Height: 19 ft.
2) Manufacturing & Engineering

Engineering the exact solution as pitched was a challenge due to less area of error was allowed. The displays needed to be perfectly aligned even difference of 1milimeter can scrap the whole design. As the shape includes cabinets that are of different sizes, so aligning it properly without any gap was a major challenge throughout the project.


The exact replica of cardboard paper was made to measure even the slightest different during production & installation of video wall. As the video wall was suspended from ceiling there was no direct structure supporting the video wall, a special structure of square pipes was created to hold the Oval shaped LED display from ceiling. Cabinets were supported on this structure over which LED modules are installed. The displays provided were front maintenance display i.e. it can be easily detached from the back for easy maintenance. For accurate output XM installation team took care of the tedious engineering to create a perfect curved LED display.

3) Content Execution

The content that is ought to run on both the screens is designed and edited by Xtreme Media Content team along with T2 content team. As the screen shape is different the aspect ratios & resolutions vary. So the screen resolutions, aspect ratios were different from any normal TV screen for both concave & oval display.


To overcome the problem, XM team designed the solution as per required aspect ratios & resolution for each screen. This was run several times to test it. For curved displays the videos, images & flash animations were prepared & for Oval display graphics, scrolling text and suitable animations were prepared.

Case Study Details

Client:               Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
 Solution:       One 4mm Concave shaped LED video wall and one 4mm Oval Shaped Indoor LED Video wall
Completion:   In 2014

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