Xtreme Media installs India’s tallest Outdoor LED display at Prestige Techcloud

When Prestige Group first approached Xtreme Media with a specific requirement of converting its headquarter space, Techcloud in Bangalore, into a landmark site, we were excited.

At Xtreme Media, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with distinguished design and innovation. We designed all of them thoughtfully and specifically customized to meet their functional and desired dreams - in a way that their displays stand out and fetch the results and become the desire of every individual looking at the display.

It wasn’t easy, but we did it.

In the past, we have provided the Prestige Group with India’s most futuristic, one of a kind, LED display solution at the Prestige Shantiniketan Mall and the company’s main headquarters. This time around, we were excited to work on their space at Prestige Techcloud, Bangalore.

How did we do it?

● We understood Prestige Group’s needs.
The paramount need that Prestige Group had was to transform its space with the installation of a dual-sided LED display with a twist.
What was the twist? That the display had to be installed on a 40-metre-high triangular pole!

● We understood Prestige Group’s wants.
Since the company is a high-profile property developer based in South India, they wanted us to come up with an innovative and unique solution to make their LED video wall installation stand out in such a way that every person in its vicinity, whether on foot, in a car or from an aeroplane, has a clear view of it!

What was the solution that we came up with?

● Design
At Xtreme Media, we are passionate about beautifying the outdoors with the latest technology. This display had to be designed keeping in mind the wind pressure at a height of 40 metres is extreme and can cause damage to the LED display if not designed properly. For this project, our expert team designed a massive angular screen having a size of 10 metres x 5 metres

● Customization
Where others see a problem, we see an opportunity to customize to fit our client’s needs. Some of the customizations done to give a perfect LED Display solution to Prestige were:

○ Earth Series display contains a common cathode technology that contributes to 50% lesser electricity consumption, enabling energy savings.

○ Use of IP 65 rated rugged outdoor LED display with pixel-level error detection to point out any failures immediately.

High brightness display to make sure the display is visible even in peak sunlight with luminance levels up to 7,500 nits (On average, outdoor LED displays have a luminance level of roughly 4,500 nits).

● Innovation
Our team was quick to think on its feet and make no mistakes - be it innovative structural design to ensure stability when the outdoor LED display would be mounted at 40 metres or ensuring the LED display has the best features at the same time being commercially viable.

Innovation for this project included:
○ Installing the Earth Series energy-efficient display to combat high electricity consumption.

○ Equipped with Vigilant IoT technology which enables real-time tracking and smart monitoring of any critical component failure in the display and helps in making immediate rectifications.

Service and Support
Providing after-sales and service support is our forte, even if it is servicing an installation 40 metres high in the sky! Knowing that service may be required for this installation, we built it on a stable civil structure in a way that the cabinets and the other components can be serviced at ease, and the display can sustain the harshest of the weather conditions.

This project was successfully commissioned in less than three days - Our team of skilled engineers put together the 3-ton weighing screen on the ground level and then mounted it onto the 40-metre-high triangular pole - all while making sure that the precision and alignment was perfect the first time itself!
With no room to make mistakes, our team efficiently carried out the output and made this project a huge success.

Even the Sun is Xtremely stunned!
Xtreme Media’s first-of-its-kind unique LED display screen installed for Prestige Group is so bright, it is considered a landmark in Bangalore. It can be spotted from a long distance by vehicles and individuals alike. What’s more, every aircraft landing in Bangalore has a clear view of this display screen, making it one of the best forms of visual marketing in all of India.

Case Study Details

Client: Prestige Group

Solution: Outdoor LED Display

Completion: 2021

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