4K LED Display Solution for Adani Auditorium

The Adani enterprises is an Indian multinational conglomerate founded in 1988 by Gautam Adani and has its current headquarters in Ahmedabad. Xtreme Media was asked to install an indoor LED wall for the Adani Auditorium.

A LED wall was installed by Xtreme Media in the Adani Auditorium, Ahmedabad, to provide the sharpest and most vibrant 4k quality images with data representation and content quality that can be seen from any angle of the huge auditorium space.

Purpose of Installing LED Displays:

An auditorium is a place for distinguished events. When such an important event occurs, it is absolutely essential that the auditorium display should be visible to the whole arena. Even in large arenas, the audience's viewing experience has to be one of perfection no matter where they are sitting. The viewing angle, i.e., the maximum range at which the audience can see the image at an acceptable quality, has to be made to offer the best viewership experience. The content and data shown in such an eminent auditorium of the Adani Group are very significant. Hence, excellent content quality and data representation were indispensable features for the Adani auditorium.

Solution Offered:

Xtreme Media is pleased to have commissioned India's first 4k fine pitch active LED display at Adani's auditorium in Ahmedabad. With Xtreme Media TruColor technology and power and data redundancy, this display is an amalgamation of best-in-class technology. The Ace series LED display wall unit that produces remarkable picture quality was used for the Adani Auditorium.


The major challenge faced by us was keeping up with the timeline. This project was a high-value project for us. Therefore we wanted to provide the best that we could within the specified timeline.

Another hardship in our way was that the conference hall LED display required 4k resolutions for a very clear viewing experience throughout the large auditorium. Also, to keep up with the action of the events and keep the interface running smoothly, an auditorium display with concert hall display solutions with a high refresh rate was required.

LED display concept executed

LED video wall - The Ace series by Xtreme Media was utilised for the Adani Auditorium. This LED display produces superior colour reproduction, which delivers remarkable picture quality when combined with its high contrast ratio. The small pitch pixel display captures every little detail on the screen. It shows vibrant and breathtaking visuals created by the 22-bit colour depth and high dynamic contrast. Vigilant-IoT™ technology, Auto-calibration and backup data and power system are the special features of this LED display.

LED Display Series- Ace Series
Pixel Pitch- Small, 1.5mm
Screen Size - 6 m x 3.75 m


Xtreme media installed a 4k led video wall with a high refresh rate in the Adani Auditorium. The LED display for the auditorium fulfils all the criteria for a clear and smooth display throughout the auditorium. Our best in class display serves as the perfect backdrop for the numerous high-profile events in the hall.

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