Xtreme Media Redefines TATA Steel’s Brand Communication

Xtreme Media Redefines TATA Steel’s Brand Communication

This case study reveals how Xtreme Media helped TATA Steel overcome the challenges of low-resolution technology and bland brand advertisement by installing advanced Rigel Series in the outer area of the site. This technology absolutely changed the experience of their employees as well as the brand advertisement. Further, we show how the user can control the technology, mitigate the risks and derive client satisfaction.

Project Details

LED series Rigel
Pixel Pitch (mm) 10 mm
Screen size 5760 mm x 2400 mm
Screen resolution 576 x 240
Innovation Xtreme Vigilant Technology

TATA Steel Group tops the list of global steel companies with an annual crude steel capacity of 33 million tons per annum. It is the world's most geographically diversified steel producer, with operations and commercial presence worldwide. Being the leading company, they felt they were outdated in terms of advertising their brand and even presenting them to their employees. They wished to change the way people looked at their brand. That's where Xtreme Media stepped in and provided a comprehensive technology that brought their brand to life. Explore how our technology not only met their expectations but revamped their strategy.

Redefining your brand

TATA Steel wanted to showcase various schemes they offer to employees and advertisements related to their companies. But presenting schemes traditionally and advertising on the static banner didn't reveal the brand’s true personality. The whole process seemed monotonous and bland, which challenged the brand standards. Therefore, Xtreme Media provided the Rigel Series and installed a total of three screens at the prime location throughout the plant at Kalinganagar. This screen has a pixel pitch of 10mm, a screen size of 5760mm x 2400mm and a screen resolution of 576 x 240. This completely redefined the brand appearance and the employees' experience. The client was able to present and communicate more effectively and could see the positive impact on the viewers. The Rigel Series elevated the standards of presentation that matched the brand's level.

Revamping brand strength

Since the demand was to install all the three screens outdoors, it had to withstand all distractions as well as the blazing sun rays and extreme weather conditions. Our Rigel Series effortlessly stood out against these factors due to its outstanding features, including high brightness of 6,500 nits, high contrast ratio of 2000:1, IP65 Front & back and advanced SMD technology, which never let the presentation fade. On the contrary, it emerged brighter and better. Plus, the LED screen was never affected by the harsh environment and lasted longer. The technology matched the strength of the brand and sustained competitions.

Take control of your controls

We understand how overheating or power failures can downgrade the viewers' experience. Hence, Rigel Series comes with unique monitoring cards that allow our clients to detect power failures, cabinet door opening, FRC cable failure and other challenges, which enable the user to respond quickly and mitigate the risks. The real-time updates of screen health minimize the chances of breakdown and inconveniences and allow the brand to stand strong and shine brighter.

As a result, they were satisfied with the technology and no longer had to compromise on the task's continuity, quality, content and functionality. Plus, the absolute control over the screen provided commendable visibility and enhanced the screen performance significantly.

Challenges for us

Many international markets wanted to grab this opportunity. However, our previous work experience and advanced technology convinced clients that we are the best for this job—and here is where we faced our second challenge. The client had too many protocols for procuring the equipment, such as adhering to the timelines, following internal safety and security regulations, etc. Working in the highly secured plant at Tata Steel made it difficult for us to execute our plan as we would typically have done. However, our efficient management and years of experience allowed us to navigate through the challenges and complete the project successfully within the allotted time.

Final impression

The client was impressed by the display quality. They expressed how our technology eliminated the word ‘compromise’ and enhanced the brand personality and standard precisely the way they had envisioned.

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