Xtreme Media's LED Video Wall Levels Up The Customer Experience At The Prestige Group Sales Office

The Prestige Group, an established and renowned real estate company, started its sales office in the city of dreams, i.e., Mumbai. With over three decades of experience, they have left an impression across all sectors, including retail, entertainment, residential communities, high-tech commercial spaces, etc. While all of their projects are highly innovative and exude luxury, the client required an advanced LED video wall to showcase such top-notch projects. We understood how a high-resolution LED display level would impart superior quality videoof their projects and level up their presentation standards. It could describe each element with great clarity, a factor missing from the client’s earlier presentations. So we stepped in and provided our best indoor LED Video Wall Vega Series

Project Details

LED series Vega
Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.98 mm
Screen size 5 m ✕ 3 m
Screen resolution 2000 ✕1200
Innovation Xtreme Vigilant Technology

Read on to know how our LED screen changed the brand experience at The Prestige Group.

How did the LED video wall improve Prestige’s brand experience?

The Prestige Group started its sales office in Mumbai and wanted to showcase prominent projects in the city. Demonstrating the authenticity of their innovations on traditional LED screens was challenging and did not accentuate the projects' uniqueness. This is why Xtreme Media provided the Vega Series LED Video Wall consisting of 2.98 mm pixel pitch, 2000 ✕ 1200 screen resolution and 5 m ✕ 3 m screen size. The LED display in their new office uplifted its appearance and ambience. It also enabled them to explain and highlight the minute details of their project with more clarity.

How did the LED display strengthen brand appearance?

The Vega series LED display has advanced features that successfully fulfil clients' requirements. Its 4000 nits high brightness, ultra sharp-picture with high contrast and light-weight die-cast aluminium cabinets completely transforms the viewers’ experience. Its crystal clear video makes viewers feel like they are watching the project in real-time at the live location. Its top-notch features create an immersive experience and make it impossible to leave out even the minutest detail. Additionally, this system is slick and lightweight, making it easier to install.

What challenges did we face?

There were many competitors to grab this opportunity. However, we had previously installed top-quality LED video walls for Prestige projects. So they were keen on our product's performance, quality and reliability, leading them to pick us amongst our competitors for their new venture. In addition, we are the only company that gives seven years of warranty, which was a significant advantage to our client.

What did the client have to say about the LED display?

The LED display was installed in the clients’ sales office, where they could play content related to their projects, enforce better and improved brand positioning, present new festival schemes, etc. The clients were happy with the output, and they could see the positive impact of their presentations on the prospective buyers. They expressed how LED displays made everything easier for them in terms of brand positioning and showcasing their projects' authenticity.

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