LED Displays transform Boardroom and Lobby Experience for Japanese MNC in India

As humans, we have lived a story of light and darkness all our lives. The stories of good triumphing over evil and light winning over darkness have catapulted us into invincible versions of the human race.

This notion has been the single most important inspiration for what we manage to do at Xtreme Media. A challenge we came across with a client with 70+ businesses and 1.6 billion members across the world was all about bringing light and clarity into their latest Indian headquarters in Bangalore.

Of course, the project required cutting-edge LED displays for excellent conversations and visualisation. For the sparkling boardroom and lobby experience, we used a combination of Ace and Vega. The lobby display needed to be lit up to make an impression and stand out from the norm. The boardroom LED display was enhanced by Ace’s next-generation technology. The client felt compelled to improve the environment of both spaces in order to elicit meaningful conversations.

This is exactly what led to one of our biggest projects, which was set up without a hitch while the office was running as usual.

Project Details

LED series Ace Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.2 & 1.5 mm
Screen sizes .4m x 1.35m & 3m x 1.68m
Screen resolution 1920X1080

LED series Vega Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.9 mm
Screen size 3.5m x 2m
Screen resolution 1795 x 1026

How did Xtreme Media manage to enhance the LED display for reception with Vega?

The client suggested an inherent need to bring coherence to the lobby space. The importance of corporate branding with spectacular imagery was raised. Corporate branding and imagery accentuate your worth to customers and aid in creating a favourable first impression. Research shows that first impressions can be made in as little as seven seconds, and it's hard to change a bad one.

That is where the Vega digital display for the lobby comes in. Xtreme Media managed to incorporate vigilant technology with a CE, FCC, and BIS-certified indoor display solution. The Vega accentuated the lobby display area while creating a first impression that left the client and anyone who walked in spellbound. The angular installation with a high brightness of up to 400 nits made all the difference.

But Xtreme Media did not stop just here.

Did you know they managed to install Asia’s largest curtain LED display? It was definitely a bigger star than Ranveer Singh himself. You might want to check it out, here.

How did Xtreme Media bring the boardroom LED display to life?

The client insisted the need to spark important and relevant conversations in the boardroom. The goal was simple - improve connectivity and access for boardroom discussions. Xtreme Media suggested the installation of conference room display Ace. Its great features, such as high contrast ratios of 2000:1, auto-calibration, 16 bit colour depth with a seven year warranty made the best choice for the meeting room display. The technology that goes behind the LED display's all-in-one solutions for visual features and Xtreme Media's customer experience show how strong and durable Ace is.

The LED display is more than just a conference room display thanks to its high brightness, sharp quality, and large screen. The officials were able to communicate important information via the one-of-its kind LED display without jeopardizing even the smallest of details. Ace has also lived up to its name by making the boardroom a more engaging place to have important conversations. The client felt secure and at ease because of our great seven-year guaranteed warranty, which was the icing on the cake

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you craft a one of its kind visual experience, contact us here.

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