Xtreme Media installs South Asia’s largest transparent curtain LED display

Xtreme Media installs South Asia’s largest transparent curtain LED display

Summary: The Bestseller Group, which owns popular fast-fashion clothing brands like Jack & Jones, Only & Vero Moda, wanted to do something exclusive at the grand reopening of their store in Bandra, Mumbai, and provide an unforgettable experience to the people. To achieve this, Xtreme Media recommended they install a next-generation transparent LED display, i.e., the Iris series, which is an advanced transparent LED display series functioning seamlessly & it lived up to the client’s vision.

This huge screen with a size of 17m x 9m screen was installed in record 3 days.

Project Details

LED series Iris Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.9-7.8 mm
Screen size 17m x 9m
Screen resolution 4352 x 1152

The Bestseller Group is a dream apparel company for many fashion enthusiasts as it offers more than 20 renowned European brands to Indians, including Vero Moda, Jack&Jones, Only, etc. It is the perfect destination for clothing shopping as it has something for everyone, from kids to teenagers to adults.

Recently, it had to launch its revamped store and wanted it to be eccentric. Something that would make them stand out from their competitors. They had Bollywood star Ranveer Singh and other celebrities performing at the inauguration event. Along with this, they planned to tap their target demographics with some modern technology, and that can catch the attention of everyone.

Xtreme Media fulfilled this requirement of being unique by installing the Iris Series, India's largest transparent LED display. Read how Xtreme Media LED display helped the Bestseller group's retail store launch in Bandra, Mumbai, become the talk of the town, and how they transformed the retail industry for years to come.

Why did Xtreme Media recommend the Iris Series?

Iris Series is Xtreme Media's popular transparent LED display series that is widely used in the retail industry in indoor and outdoor environments.

The screen installed for the Bestseller group is of this series. This series provides the following things:

80% transparency

Pixel Pitch: 3.9-7.8 mm

Screen resolution: 4352 x 1152

Screen size: 17m x 9m

IP 65 front and back

These specifications of the Iris Series completely transformed the appearance of the Bestseller store. The screen covered the first two floors of the store, making the store look larger than life. The view naturally stopped the onlookers in their tracks as they admired the revamped appearance of the store. Although our LED display covered outdoor surfaces, it maintained transparency, which made the store look sophisticated.

How did Xtreme Media LED video wall make the Bestseller retail store launch event magnificent?

The characteristics and specifications of the Iris Series revolutionized the viewing experience of the audience present at the event. The high-end product technology & specifications of the Iris Series made the 3D anamorphic content look magnificent while it was played on the screen.

Also, the LED display's crystal clarity, balanced brightness, and fine resolution created an immersive experience for the audience. These features of the Iris Series kept the audiences' eyes hooked on the LED video wall as if they were actively interacting with the content.

Also, the high contrast feature of Iris Series transparent LED display intensified the visual effects of content playing on the screen. Not to mention the awe-striking imagery and graphics while introducing the store and brands on that gigantic screen. This made the launch magnificent and one of its kind.

How is Xtreme Media 'Iris Series' the perfect investment for The Client?

The outdoor LED display faces challenges as it has to bear extreme weather conditions combined with dirt and dust. The Bestseller store wanted their store to stand out throughout the season and attract onlookers using LED display content. Iris Series was the answer to both demands, as India's largest transparent LED display has some exceptional features, such as:

Transparency - It offers 80% transparency that prevents the blockage of view or depth, while its uniqueness grabs viewers' attention.

Weather and dust proof - Iris Series is incorporated with an Ingress Protection (IP) of 65 that overpowers extreme weather conditions.

Customized design - Iris Series are lightweight, which makes it easier to customize them to fit into any architectural design.

Cost-effective - Iris Series offers high ROIs and are low-maintenance. These features will help the Bestseller store to shine bright at all times. Also, the engaging content on a gigantic screen (17m x 9m) will increase the store footfall.

What did the client have to say about the LED display?

The client was super-impressed by Xtreme Media's 3-day installation and superb after-sales support. The audience and customers were delighted with the whole experience. The client was impressed with the product quality and were elated to have the screen serve the purpose of extraordinary visual experience.

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