Xtreme Media changes the face of property tour for one of India's leading real estate developers – Amar Builders.

Amar Builders has evolved from strength to strength throughout the years, laying each brick with high ethics and morals. The project encompassed many residential, commercial, IT, hotel, industrial, and healthcare verticals. The enthusiasm and commitment Amar Builders put into making every endeavour a remarkable model of urban development is exemplified by the more than 80 successful projects executed to date.

Amar Builders has created a workforce that is precisely tailored to the demands of today's corporate India, and the company has formed strategic connections with architects and consultants to ensure that the best product is delivered.

Purpose of Installing LED Displays:

Over the previous three decades, Amar Builders has always placed a premium on long-term development; it has redefined itself with new LED innovations and the industry's best practices. As a result, they were on the lookout for something that would provide visitors with a positive property tour experience and attract new clients.

Solution Offered:

On an L-shaped LED display, digital montages of significant real estate and attractive architecture from throughout the country are displayed, creating a WOW effect for their business and adding an aesthetic atmosphere to the lobby.

The goal is to produce a lasting impression on the audience by projecting high-resolution video that mixes with the lobby's decor since the screens are so dominant and elegant.

Various LED display Solution executed:

Screen Type – L- Shape Video Wall

L-shaped LED displays are utilized to create a smooth viewing experience in places where space is limited and substantial LED displays cannot be put. On the L-shaped panel, this revolutionary LED display allows you to play single and various content.

Pixel Pitch – 3mm

Screen Size – 20.79ft* 9.45ft

Today, the new location at Amar Builders' office has modern and sophisticated aesthetics and has been meticulously constructed to support the firm's corporate culture, which stresses client retention and improved customer engagement.

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