LED Display is the Ultimate Backdrop for Times Now

Times Now, a 24hour news channel, gets an L-shape LED Display for their studio in Mumbai. This display is a perfect backdrop for live news shows, as it has a very high refresh rate and can be easily adjusted with the settings of the camera, delivering flicker-free footage. Various content formats can be shown like live news feed, weather forecast, videos, and animations. The new-age LED displays is vibrant, seamless, and more dynamic backdrop for the studios compared to alternatives.

Xtreme Media has installed its new studio backdrop. This backdrop is our Vega series of active LED displays. The beautiful and clear picture created by the L-Shaped LED display adds personality and style. It serves as the perfect background for such a prestigious news channel.

The Xtreme Media Broadcast LED display captures live news events, videos, weather reports, etc., seamlessly with its high refresh rate. Data redundancy and in-built power of the LED displays make sure that no news data is destroyed in case of any event.

Purpose of Installing LED Displays:

The popular news channel of Times Now is seen by people all over the country. To give the best and most sophisticated experience, a LED display with a high refresh rate was needed. A high refresh rate LED screen captures live news events without any disturbances and flickers.

The interior of the news studio was pre-designed; therefore, we had to find a LED screen that could complement the previous style. A background that doesn't match the rest of the studio looks very unprofessional and poorly designed.

Solution Offered:

The Vega Series LED display with a high refresh rate, having in-built power and data redundancy, was installed for a clear and flicker-free display of important news coverage. To complement the interior of the studio, we provided a customized L-shaped LED display which is made with our best quality lightweight die-cast aluminum. The LED display which is installed is a 2.5mm Pixel Pitch with a brightness of1000 nits (cd/m2) and a 4800 Hz refresh rate all these features help in providing seamless rich content. The L-shaped LED display creates a businesslike atmosphere in the News studio.

Challenges Faced

The challenges faced during this installation were working around the limited space and also designing a backdrop that differs from the traditional green backdrop. The Times Now news studio had worked with the same green screen background setting for a while, and they wanted a change in the studio with a new backdrop.

We at Xtreme Media suggested our Vega series LED display for this style revolution. The limited space problem was solved with the help of an L-Shaped LED display that shows all the necessary events with any minimising or cropping and can also be fit into any small space.

The LED Display Installed

The Vega Series indoor LED display is made with die-cast aluminium and is very lightweight and agile. This feature makes their installation and dismantling almost effortless. The curved display of a 15 degree (plus or minus) angular installation is possible with the special interlock mechanism between the cabinets.

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