Xtreme Media's LED Displays Elevate a Japanese MNC's Command and Control Centre

This case study highlights Xtreme Media’s use of its bestselling fine pitch Ace Series in the command-and-control center of a large Japanese MNC in Bangalore.

Project Details

LED series Ace Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.56 mm
Screen sizes 40m x 1.6m
Screen resolution 25728 X 1080

LED series Ace Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.56 mm
Screen size 6m x 1.6m
Screen resolution 3840 x 1080

Businesses these days are increasingly choosing LED displays to elevate the functionality and effectiveness of their command-and-control centers. This technological shift empowers organizations to streamline operations, access real-time data, and make well-informed decisions in a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape. Recognizing this change, the client who is a multi-billion-dollar Japanese MNC wanted to install screens in their command-and-control centers to conduct the data monitoring in an efficient manner. This environment would ensure that the operators have a comprehensive view of all relevant data.

What Did Xtreme Media Offer?

In response to the client’s needs, Xtreme Media’s team suggested its bestselling fine pitch LED displays of Ace series to enhance their command-and-control room by meticulously installing three indoor LED screens. One of the three screens happens to be the largest indoor installation of fine pitch Ace series with a size of 40m x 1.6m. These screens have been strategically positioned to serve as a hub for seamless monitoring and efficient coordination, contributing to a new era of precision and effectiveness in their operations. The small pitch screens come with a pixel pitch of 1.56mm capturing every detail of the information being displayed and provide stunning visuals.

Knowing the cruciality of the information displayed in the command-and-control center, these displays are equipped with backup data and power system that reduce the chances of complete failure and screen blackout.

7-year warranty:

To top it up, these displays come with an exceptional 7-year warranty at no extra cost, thereby ensuring peace of mind to the customers using them.

Vigilant IoT Monitoring:

Not just that, the displays come with Vigilant – IoT Monitoring technology that periodically checks the health of the displays from time to time.

What was the client’s final impression?

The client expressed great satisfaction with both, the installation, and the visuals. Additionally, the expert team from Xtreme Media accomplished the installation within a shorter timeframe, creating a lasting impact on the client.

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