Xtreme Media Tranforms The Training Centre Of A Leading Digital Solutions Provider With Its LED Display

This case study shows how Xtreme Media leveraged the superb ACE Series LED display line to assist its new client with an outstanding indoor LED screen.

Xtreme Media takes pride in delivering excellent digital display solutions for many high-end clients. The brand’s new client is one of the most cutting-edge digital solutions providers. The client works with governments and financial institutions all around the world. With the help of its comprehensive domain expertise in financial services, governance, risk, digital payments, and compliance solutions, financial institutions can develop future-proof strategies capable of meeting the needs of an increasingly digital-oriented population.

Project Details

LED Display series Ace Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.5 mm
Screen sizes 3 m x 1.68 m
Screen resolution 1920 X 1080

What Did The Client Require?

Living up to its high standards, the client was on a mission to revolutionize businesses by providing organizations with various digital solutions and cutting-edge technologies like AI, Metaverse Banking, Big Data Analytics, etc. To that effect, the client was looking for a top-notch indoor LED screen for the opening of its new office in Navi Mumbai.

It wanted a seamless indoor screen in its office’s training center to introduce new employees and upskill the current employees with utmost sophistication and ease. This indoor screen would also be used for business meetings and fun team bonding sessions. The client reached out to Xtreme Media with this specific requirement to deliver the finest screen that the brand had in store.

What Solution Did Xtreme Media Offer?

Xtreme Media delivered on its promise to upgrade the client's training center with one of its best indoor LED Displays products - The ACE LED Series. The brand’s creative digital display solution was ideal for the client’s needs. This screen can be used in boardrooms, training centers, command centers, etc. Among its many intriguing features, these stood out:
● High brightness
● Auto calibration
● 16- bit colour depth
● High contrast ratio
● Low power consumption technology

The team at Xtreme Media successfully elevated the client’s training center with the best fit for the indoor screen. The brand also offered a one–of–its–kind 7-year warranty on the screen - the highest in the market.

What challenges did Xtreme Media face during installation?

The primary difficulty Xtreme Media encountered during the installation process was the time constraint. The client needed the portable LED display installed within a given time, and they wanted it done without disturbing the employees working there. It is generally difficult to install all the components with time restrictions. Leveraging Xtreme Media’s personnel's extensive training and experience, it successfully installed the LED display in time. Its staff proved to be highly efficient with their delivery and speed.

What was the client’s ultimate impression?

The client was thrilled with Xtreme Media’s product and the added customer service. The ACE Display Series was a perfect fit for matching their training center requirements. Additionally, the client was pleased with the overall partnership, thanks to Xtreme Media’s 7-year warranty, which enabled it to develop a relationship based on deep trust and reliability.

Are you looking for such built-to-last digital display solutions for your indoor and outdoor needs? Get in touch with us to learn more about LED display screens and warranty plan.

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