Xtreme Media transforms a high-profile boardroom of TATA

Noel Tata is an established businessman, associated with many large brands. He is the Chairman of Trent and TATA Investment Corporation, managing director of TATA International and the Vice Chairman of Titan Company and Tata Steel.

During important meetings and discussions, his team felt the conference room was lacking in a particular aspect—the presentations and graphics on the projector seemed outdated, and hence, the meeting was unsatisfactory. This is where Xtreme Media stepped in and transformed their boardroom with their bestselling fine pitch display series – ACE Series.

LED series ACE series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.5 mm
Screen size (Diagonal) 135”
Screen size 9.8 ft. x 5.5 ft.
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Innovation Remote monitoring via Vigilant Technology

Change the display to change perspective

We believe that the first impression is the last impression, and this applies to the meetings and presentations at big brand boardrooms too. Our client had a traditional projector in the boardroom that made the entire presentation quite monotonous.

Moreover, some parts and details on the screen were unclear, and its HD and resolution quality were inferior. Xtreme Media provided an LED display that changed the boardroom's overall look and feel, as well as perspective. It created an immersive and exciting experience for everyone in the room, especially the clients who were impressed by the progressive transformation and impact it had on the meeting.

Incorporate a superior display solution

The screen size should be perfect compared to the length and width of the room for an enhanced experience. We provided a Small Pitch Display that seemed perfect for the boardroom. The screen offers a 1.5 mm pixel pitch with a display of 135” (diagonal), a height of 9.8 feet and a width of 5.5 feet.

This display solution never missed out on any details and enabled the presenters to give spot-on presentations or showcase graphics within them. Additionally, the screen's clarity made the content look rich, readable and easy to decipher. It imparted the best experience in the room and added value to the meeting.

Get access to advanced features

Our Small Pitch Display is equipped with advanced features, including high contrast ratio, auto-calibration, constant monitoring, etc. The client was pleasantly surprised to observe the stark difference between the projector and LED display quality. They explored the features in detail and found how valuable the screen experience can be. They could assess the minutest details with high resolution and received alerts during the slightest of errors that allowed them to take action on time. This enabled them to save time, money, and efforts on presentations and continue their meetings seamlessly.

Challenges for us

The foremost challenge to putting up such a display was the wide competition in the market for a product that requires the finest technology and the service that is updated with the technical needs of their clients.

Our 25+ years of experience and previous successful projects displayed our competency and quality with remarkable visibility, much like the boardroom display. This enabled Noel Tatas to entrust us with the project, wherein lay our second challenge - the installation.

The boardroom already had a wooden niche wherein we had to fit our display. However, our expertise and flexible display solution allowed us to fit the screen perfectly, resulting in a job well done and a satisfied client.

Final impression

Our client appreciated the outcome of the LED display. It made the boardroom more professional, richer and grander. Moreover, it brought back the essence of the missing factor in the meeting and enhanced the overall experience of the boardroom.

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