Xtreme Media LED Display Turned NCRTC Dream Into Reality

Project Details

LED series UNIFY
Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.2 mm
Screen size 9.8 ft x 5.5 ft
Screen resolution 2400 x 1350
Warranty 7-Year Warranty
Innovation All in one boardroom solution.

National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) is a mega company started with the collaboration of the Govt of India and Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and UP. It is controlled by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and mandated to implement the RRTS, i.e., Regional Rapid Transit System. With the vision of bridging the connectivity gap between NCR, they aim to ensure urban development that is both balanced and sustainable.

The project, of course, demanded advanced LED displays for quality discussions and visualization. This is where the officials at NCRTC faced a challenge. They felt that their traditional boardroom missed crucial elements that could provide an enhanced experience for project discussions. Xtreme Media bridged this gap by providing our premium next-generation LED display called ‘Unify’ - the all-in-one, built-to-last technology solution for simpler and smarter meeting approaches and collaborations. Read further to understand how we made a difference.

How did our LED video wall turn NCRTC’s vision into reality?

The vision of building better connectivity and access for sustainable urban development involved endless boardroom discussions by presenting graphs, connectivity maps, strategies, challenges, etc. The installation of Xtreme Media's Unify LED display changed the project's perspective. Its exceptional features, like ultra brightness, reverse screen mirroring, virtual collaboration rooms, wireless connectivity, real-time cloud monitoring, and many more, enhanced the boardroom experience for officials and helped them broaden their horizons for the RRTS project. The highlight is that Unifys' all-in-one solutions and Xtreme Media’s seven-year warranty ensures that the technology is robust and built to last.

Why did we pitch ‘Unify’ as the ideal solution for NCRTC?

The Unify LED video wall comprises a pixel pitch of 1.2 mm, screen resolution of 2400 x 1350, screen size of 9.8 ft x 5.5 ft, and an eye protection mode with HDR 10 technology. Such ultra brightness, fine resolution and screen size make the LED display more than a screen. This built-to-last LED display enabled the officials to present crucial information without compromising even the minutest of information. The detailing and transparency of every piece of information on the LED video wall helped officials make critical decisions effortlessly. Additionally, Unify stayed true to its name by creating an immersive atmosphere in the boardroom and amplifying the stakeholders’ enthusiasm. The cherry on the pie was our exceptional seven-year guaranteed warranty, which imparted a sense of security and peace to the client.

How did ‘Unify’ make project discussions at NCRTC seamless?

Xtreme Media’s Unify LED display, powered by our proprietary Xtreme Signage, made content creation, content sharing and advanced analytics a seamless process. Its 256-bit encryption secured all confidential information of the project, proving to be a huge relief to the officials at NCRTC. The build-to-last technology created a core system for officials with integrated software technology, from which they could control and monitor the screen. Additionally, the various layouts, CMS, media player and content options helped officials to present the project in creative, exciting and immersive ways. The advanced software, coupled with Xtreme Media’s seven-year warranty, was the crowning stroke of our pitch and worked to the client’s expectations.

What was the client’s response to ‘Unify’?

The client was content with Unify, as their vision and our technology had one thing in common – they were built to last. Also, the Unify LED display offered them an all-in-one solution and a seven-year warranty, the world’s only warranty promise ensuring protection to our client’s investments, reputation and peace of mind. We build sustainable relationships by providing a built-to-last technology and turning clients' dreams into reality.

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