Xtreme Media LED Display Seamlessly Promotes Social Awareness for AIIMS

All India Institute of Medical Science in Jodhpur was established by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in 2012. This institute is associated with the government scheme, Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Yojna. It aims to eliminate the disparity between developed and underdeveloped regions in terms of quality healthcare and create excellence in medical education, research, and patient care. For the former, AIIMS was looking for a high-quality LED video display to showcase the latest government schemes and medical camps set up on campus and promote health awareness, so that the people of Jodhpur can reap the maximum benefits of the schemes and level up their lifestyles. Here is where Xtreme Media stepped in. We provided them with our Rigel Plus series, which is our best-selling and built-to-last product.

Here is everything you need to know about Rigel Plus and how it benefited the client.

How did Xtreme Media LED display Promote Healthcare Awareness?

AIIMS aimed to build an innovative model in order to promote quality and affordable healthcare. The client wanted to use digital OOH to make the communication clear and immersive. The content on LED displays undoubtedly attracts everyone’s attention, primarily if it is in a prime location, Just like our installation of India’s tallest LED video wall which has become a major landmark in Bangalore. Also, the premium quality LED display stands out in the harshest weather conditions and performs efficiently, We can proudly say that our LED’s are ‘Built to last’ in all weather conditions one of the live example is ofour floating LED displays which we had install for Media agency .

This way, our Rigel Plus series effortlessly fulfilled the aim of promoting health awareness amongst the local people and acquainting them with the latest government initiatives or medical camps on the campus. The striking content of LED displays impacted the people and helped them improve their health and lifestyle significantly.

Why is Xtreme Media’s Rigel Plus LED display the best solution for the client?

AIIMS wanted to install an outdoor LED display at the campus from where it is visible to most people. Xtreme Media offered Rigel Plus because it is the best-selling outdoor LED display of all time. It has a pixel pitch of 5.9 mm, a screen dimension of 3.84 m x 2.88 m, and a screen resolution of 648 x 486. Its features include a high contrast ratio, brightness up to 6000 nits, and an IP rating of 65. These features ensure that you never miss out on the minutest details and showcase the content with ultra clarity. Also, Rigel Plus is built to withstand external weather conditions/elements like dust, rain, or blazing sunlight, which is why it is also known as ‘built-to-last’ technology. Its brightness easily overpowers the blazing sunlight, so viewers need not struggle to read the content. Rigel Plus, indeed, did wonders for our client.

How is LED display transforming society?

Digital India aims to provide next-generation technology to people. This technology will make the communication engaging and impactful. AIIMS took an initiative to acquaint people with digitised India by installing Xtreme Media’s Rigel Plus technology. The high-quality images and colourful content on the Rigel Plus display connect with people and communicate the essence of the message to them. The Rigel Plus display provides uncompromising quality and never fails to engage viewers.

How did Xtreme Media overcome the challenges?

Since this was a government tender, competitors were pitching to grab this opportunity. However, Xtreme Media’s experience, expertise and quality helped us win this pitch. Our built-to-last technology was unmatched in the market, which convinced the client to choose us.

What did the client have to say about us?

The client was happy and satisfied with our Rigel Plus technology. They expressed how our LED displays will help them reach a broader audience to convey the government schemes, initiatives and campaigns without glitches and uncompromising quality.

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