Xtreme Media Transformed CBI Headquarters With Its LED Displays

Xtreme Media transformed CBI headquarters with its LED Displays

This case study focuses on how Xtreme Media rose to the challenge of equipping the CBI - who faced a challenge with outdated and low-resolution technology - with the top-notch Vega series and vigilant technology at their headquarters. This installation entirely changed the CBI's experience and enabled them to reap enormous benefits from the technology. Further, we reveal the impressive features and advantages of the Vega series and our clients' experience with the output.

Project Details

LED series Vega
Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.5 mm
Screen size 4.5m x 2m
Screen resolution 1800 x 800
Innovation Xtreme Vigilant Technology

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is India’s topmost investigating agency. It recently built a new atrium mainly for conducting conferences, meetings, and seminars in its headquarters. The screen displayed data, pictures and other collateral, but the quality was subpar. The users also experienced power surges and overheating that hampered their crucial meetings and caused immense distress and inconvenience.

We at Xtreme Media provided them with a comprehensive solution along with the installation of the technology and handed over the control to them. Explore how the technology changed the way they conducted meetings at the CBI:

Transform what you see

The CBI felt that they were working with outdated technology that had low resolution, high maintenance and less creativity, making their processes monotonous, slower, and time-consuming. Hence, Xtreme Media provided the Vega Series with a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm, a screen size of 194 inches diagonally with a screen size of 4.5 m x 2 m and a screen resolution of 1800 x 800.

This installation transformed the entire appearance of the headquarters and enhanced the viewers’ experience. Both the floor-mounted screens and high resolution imparted a crystal clear view and elevated the standard of presentations and meetings. Plus, they could change the brightness remotely by minimising the disruption and inconvenience during meetings.

Take control of your technology

Xtreme Media provided a vigilant technology to monitor, control and protect anomalies. It enabled them to control the parameters of screen health, voltage, current and consumption at their fingertips, reducing response time and overall costs. An SMS or email would quickly alert them and allow them to take proactive action on the matter.

As a result, they were satisfied with the technology and no longer had to compromise on the task's continuity, quality, content and functionality. Plus, the absolute control over the screen provided commendable visibility and enhanced the screen performance significantly.

Reap the benefits of new technology

Vega Series offers mind-blowing features, and so it managed to impress our clients at the very first look. Its 4000 nits brightness allowed the viewers to watch the screen clearly against the sunlight. Plus, its design and structure elevated the ambience by making it look more sophisticated. The high-resolution screen made the content appear rich, clear and readable. It allowed the viewer to get into the nitty-gritty details of the content on the screen and take the maximum out of the presentation/data/graphics.

In addition, the vigilant technology mitigated the risk of screen breakdown by giving real-time fault updates. Its advanced features, including auto-dehumidification, brightness control, and screen health protection, collectively created an immersive experience for the CBI and ensured business continuity.

Challenges for us

The CBI is a secure place that demands minimum disturbance. Moreover, the client required us to install two screens in one night. While the time limit was a challenge, it was not impossible due to our proactive and professional team. Using our expertise, we effortlessly installed two screens within the time set.

Plus, our Vega Series is so slick, lightweight and agile that it requires no supporting structure and can fit anywhere flexibly. The speed and quality of our work ensured maximum client satisfaction— a value that defines our service.

Final impression

Our client loved the quality, design and outcome of the technology. It transformed their perspective regarding screen experience and enabled user satisfaction. They expressed how vigilant technology eliminates the feeling of helplessness by giving them absolute control over the screen and mitigating the risk of faults.

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