Xtreme Media’s Vigilant technology saves its client from losing Crores!

Project Summary

One of our clients was facing temperature issues with their LED screen. While the screen was functioning perfectly on the outside, the internal components were heating up at an alarming rate. Learn more about how Xtreme Media's Vigilant Technology detected the issue and helped avoid massive losses in revenue.


Advertising is more than just selling a product - it is about showing a brand's perspective and developing a connection with its customers. Achieving this goal is only possible when the creative content is supported by technical solutions. Xtreme Media helps brands meet their targets by providing exceptional LED displays powered by robust technical solutions. Due to our end-to-end service, one of the reputed OOH advertising companies in the industry chose us to install 22 LED displays for them across Mumbai, one of India’s biggest commercial hubs. Recently, they faced massive technical challenges, which could have made them lose lakhs of revenue per day if our Vigilant Technology didn’t come to the rescue. Let’s explore how our tech saved the day.

What issue was the client facing?

It all started with a metal sheet! The client's content was seamlessly running on the LED display. Suddenly, our remote monitoring team at the Mumbai office observed a surge in the temperature via Vigilant technology. Then, the team tried to control it remotely. However, the temperature kept on increasing. Perplexed by this development, our engineer quickly visited the site to assess the issue better. The engineer noticed that a metal sheet was placed at the back of the LED screen which blocked the ventilation and turned the setup into a heat chamber. This could have led to severe damage to the screen or a fire in the worst case leading to crores in losses.

How did Vigilant technology highlight the issue?

Vigilant Technology was the hero in this case. It is a robust solution that sends instant notifications regarding the screen’s health by red-flagging faults and irregularities. It enables to remotely monitor the screen's health, protect, and control brightness, voltage, power consumption and more. For example, if there’s a notification regarding a screen’s rising temperature, we could either reduce the brightness or turn the screen off in extreme cases. This remote access helped detect the issue with our client’s screen. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to bring down the temperature, prompting us to visit the site immediately and understand the root cause of the issue. Our timely intervention fixed the issue and saved our client crores of rupees.


What steps did Xtreme Media take to fix the issue?

After alerting our client, we visited the site to find the root cause of the rising temperature, and there it was - a metal sheet blocking the ventilation! We explained to our client how the sheet was causing significant internal challenges, which they removed immediately. This caused the temperature to return to normal levels. Amidst this, Vigilant Technology's exceptional features were not overlooked, as it ensured that the advertisements did not stop, ensuring there was no downtime.

How did Vigilant Technology benefit the client?

The timely notification from Vigilant Technology prevented the screen from massive damage or a complete shutdown. If we hadn’t detected this issue in time, the screen could have shut off permanently and cost our client lakhs of rupees daily. Additionally, it would have left a wrong impression on us as well as the customers, making them question the brand's aesthetics and integrity. Vigilant Technology gave the power to control the LED display and prevented potential losses. Xtreme Media's Vigilant Technology worked seamlessly, and our client continued to streamline their advertising content - they never lost out on even a day’s worth of revenue!

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