Uniqlo Brand Partners With Xtreme Media for Better In-Store Experience

The Japanese casual wear retailer, Uniqlo, uses Xtreme Media’s digital display solutions to strengthen its relationship with its customers.

Following massive success in the Indian retail market and opening its new store in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, Uniqlo plans to build an advanced customer service credo. It has decided to install LED displays at its retail stores in its new project. India’s premier LED display retailer, Xtreme Media, has helped transform several retail stores. Max, Lifestyle, Coach, Superdry, and Westside, are some of the brands that have benefited from Xtreme Medis’s display solutions.

Gearing Up for the New Venture

While the Tokyo-headquartered business plans for an indoor LED video wall setup at the bulkhead and store ticker, Xtreme Media has offered help with its years of expertise. Uniqlo is set to impress with its new venture in an exclusive lifestyle showroom in Delhi—a two-story shopping center in Vegas Mall. Currently, Vegas Mall has two Uniqlo advertising LED displays—bulkhead screens and ticker screens. The bulkhead screen is set up around all the elevators between the store’s two floors. Meanwhile, you can find the ticker screen positioned all around the store. The limited spacing around the elevator was challenging as the regular screens would not have been fully visible. To work around this problem, Xtreme Media created an optimal visual using super narrow cabinets. The super-narrow, lightweight LED displays are highly compatible, thus making it a perfect choice for installation near elevators. Xtreme Media’s Marquee Installation with customizable visuals is suitably fitted all over Vegas Mall. The total screen size for the bulkhead is 24.5 meters x 1.1 meters covering the three sides facing the elevator. Showing the latest style of the Uniqlo brand, the screen displays mirrored content across multiple sections systematically. The advertising LED displays showcase ad campaigns, deals, new collections of items, and other information regarding Uniqlo to its potential customers. As this interactive display attracts a lot of attention, it improves brand sales.

Improving the Shopping Experience

Uniqlo believes that modern retail shops are far beyond just traditional stores. The retailers are trying to create a unique in-store environment that engages customers and elevates their shopping experience. LED displays play a significant role in influencing this factor. It displaces static and virtual in-store boards for smarter branding and advertising. Xtreme Media is an excellent option to make the best out of this phenomenon as its retail LED displays have new software solutions. In addition, its digital signage solutions for retail have a high-positive impact in fostering sales and specific product features of Uniqlo. The engaging visuals draw many customers’ eyes, developing a better perception of the brand. Uniqlo’s content management team administers and modifies the visual’s content with just one tap from Japan using high-tech digital signage software.


Uniqlo considers Xtreme Media’s in-store LED displays a masterpiece for its promotions. They show continuous apparel graphics and films to attract customers and generate foot traffic into their stores. Moreover, the visuals, which have exceptional brightness and clarity, intensify Uniqlo’s value. As a result, Xtreme Media LED displays for retail have safeguarded and boosted traffic drivers for the Japanese retailer in an outstanding way.

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