For a better in-store experience, Tata Retail Brand collaborates with Xtreme Media

Tata Retail company, founded in 1998, is based in Mumbai but operates across India. Tata Retail is one of India's most prominent participants in the branded retail business.

Twenty-five unique and beautiful Xtreme Media LED displays have been placed at several Tata Retail locations. Because the displays are so visually prominent, the company establishes a lasting impact on the customers by smoothly displaying high-resolution material.

Purpose of Installing LED Displays:

First impressions and attention are everything in today's fast-paced, highly competitive world. Customers are more inclined to buy what appeals to them, regardless of its features. It is more likely to sell if it attracts the eye. As a result, we're presenting Digital Displays, the most cost-effective and exciting approach to captivate your viewers. Digital displays have been demonstrated to be the next-generation medium for retail sales.

According to Tata Retail, modern retail establishments are significantly more than traditional storefronts. Retailers attempt to create a one-of-a-kind in-store atmosphere that will captivate customers and enrich their customer experience. The influence of LED displays on this aspect is substantial. For improved branding and advertising, it replaces static and virtual in-store boards. Many clients' eyes are drawn to the compelling images, resulting in a positive brand reputation.

Solution Offered:

Because Tata Retail wanted to go all out with their modernization, Xtreme Media proposed installing a variety of LED displays that were not only distinctive in design and scale, but many of the concepts were also firsts of their type to show clients their extensive range of products and services

Displaying digital videos of significant items on various LED displays creates a customer-centric atmosphere. It is both a product promotion displays and window display to improve footfall and add vibrancy to the environment.

The goal was to make a strong impression on the audience regarding Tata Retail's goods and formats from the moment they walk in until they leave.

Various LED display concept executed:

Applications – Behind the counter LED display; pillar LED display, entrance LED display

Pixel Pitch – P2.6

Quantity – 25 screens (Multiple sizes)

City – Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru

The retail industry's allure will always be based on a physical encounter. As a result, the responsibility of engaging the audience and improving their experience is constantly a concern for the shop. For all merchants, XM LED displays to the elimination of this issue. Our large-format LED displays to leave no trace while enhancing the appearance of your item or brand. They are high-brightness, dynamic LED displays that may generate a buzz and excite the brand's interior or outdoor environment while also improving footfall and income.

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