Banner Crowd Analytics Analyze your audience and generate meaningful insights

Analyze your audience and generate meaningful insights

Crowd Analytics Software

Xtreme Media Crowd Analytics allows brands to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns by capturing the expressions and emotions of their viewers and accordingly displaying appropriate content on the screen to attract customers. Any standard digital signage can be converted to a Crowd Analytics Solution by attaching a simple HD camera. Xtreme Media Crowd Analytics Software swiftly detects viewers’ age group, gender, attention span, facial expressions, and interest level towards the displayed content. To receive better understanding of the audience viewing the content and further generating content with regards to the analysis.

Crowd Analytics
Crowd Analytics


Compatible With Any HD Cam 1

HD Camera Compatibility

  • Compatible with any HD Camera
  • As available and affordable by client


  • Parameters of analysis can be customised
  • Analysis is better suited to client requirement
Emotional Analysis

Emotion Analysis

  • Emotions of the viewers are analysed
  • Provides visible feedback to ad campaigns


  • Accurate graphical reporting
  • Improve ad campaigns based on viewer history

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