Xtreme Media Transforms the SBI Boardroom Display with LED Video Wall

SBI, India’s largest public sector bank, reshaped its board room ambiance into a state-of-art board room with Xtreme’s LED video wall. The LED video wall solutions are designed with high-end technological products. With Xtreme Media’s unique products, SBI was able to obtain high-resolution visuals, and undergo a smooth digital transition experience. These versatile LED displays have dramatically boosted user experience and interaction, both internally and externally, with SBI’s brand.

Stumbling Blocks at Video Conference Display

SBI was facing a substandard viewing experience because of the LCD panel that they were using for their boardroom meetings. The LCD panels were not satisfactory in terms of their vibrancy or engagement. Moreover, the screen size was limited, which proved to be a great hindrance for data and content visualization on a larger panorama

The LCD panels installed at SBI’s board room gave the audience a conventional feel. These panels were not at par with their mammoth brand image and were unable to deliver a sensational meeting room display experience.

Collaborative Board Rooms with Cutting-edge Technology

SBI trusted Xtreme Media for the customization and upgradation of their boardrooms' visual displays. Xtreme Media recognizes that financial data is always evolving and might be intimidating. The data presentation is made fascinating and simple with LED digital display technology.

The installation of vivid and bright indoor and outdoor LED displays, stock ticker, content services, and back-end software products for BFSIs includes revamping large amounts of data into structured and streamlined graphics and other media formats.

Xtreme Media’s specialized design dynamic content feature supports brilliant image quality, depicting every minute detail in a crisp format. Improved contrast and high brightness provide swift image processing and rendering details. The massive size seamless displays magnify the images and content without any blur effect.

Intelligent & Intuitive Solutions for LED Boardroom Display: Transforming the Banking Systems

Xtreme Media used a 0.9 mm pixel pitch LIT series screen in the SBI board rooms. The LIT range of LED Display screens provides the best visual impression and adds elegance to any venue.

Mini LED Displays

Powered by the latest micro technologies, Xtreme Media LED displays have fine pixel pitches and can be adjusted down to the pixel level. The LIT Mini LED display offers stunning 16K resolution, HDR10, and outstanding contrast ratios. The high-performing LIT Mini displays require minimal maintenance.

Micro LED Displays

The premier LIT series micro LED display from Xtreme Media provides a spectacular visual sensation. These very fine 0.94 mm pitch displays, powered by micro technology, fascinate viewers with up to 16K high-resolution HDR10 picture quality and high contrast of 20000:1. The Micro LED display is the ultimate digitalization since it can be changed into a touch display. The display is highly stable, lowering the failure rate by ten times.

The standard brightness of the LED displays is in the range of 800-1000. The higher nits provide a brighter screen surface. The 160*160 viewing angles affected a better perception of the content.

Smartboard Displays

Xtreme Media’s Unify revolutionized SBI’s overall boardroom experience. The banking company was able to conduct meetings and conferences more straightforwardly and sensibly. Unify is an all-in-one remedy that combines many technologies and gadgets in a boardroom into a single, appealing bundle. It has a cognitive and engaging visual appeal.

Unify empowered SBI to deliver a larger-than-life vista for their boardroom meetings. The LED screens have an eye protection mode without compromising the super fine resolution and HDR 10 technology. Due to the simplicity of sharing content from four different devices simultaneously, the Quad-view technology has increased meeting productivity. Wireless screen mirroring enables access to information from any device, whether a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Xtreme Media’s Unify allowed SBI to mirror everything in a single click. This led to a less-cluttered conference room display with minimal settings. Moreover, the technology comes with inbuilt virtual collaboration applications for conducting meetings seamlessly.

The total flexibility in terms of LED screen installation, operation, and adjustment has proven extremely beneficial for SBI in creating a more polished look of their boardrooms. Unify and LIT series LED screens have led SBI to leverage the best of technology.

Create a magnificent impact with Xtreme Media LED visual technology: Explore our smartboard solutions

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