Xtreme Media Rollout Android Based Queue Management System For Reliance’s Sir. H N Hospital
Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre is state-of-the-art technology hospital.
Challenges & Solution:

Xtreme Media has successfully deployed Queue Management System integrated with digital signage features for Reliance HN Hospital Mumbai, India. Today, the healthcare industry is amongst the biggest potential segments for digital signage in India. Excluding few hospitals, most of the healthcare industry is still untapped. In this solution, web based interface has made available. Due to which QMS data can be accessed by doctors via multiple platforms like tablets, smart phones from any location.

The healthcare industry is developing rapidly in terms of medical treatments and infrastructure facilities. Now hospitals are building up with state of the art facilities, to serve a huge number of patients effectively hospitals are using various technological tools, digital signage is one of them.

Xtreme Media has designed this QMS by keeping in mind, wide number of services offered and departments the hospital. There are a huge number of doctors who are not resident. Hence, they require a solution which will enable them to access the information like how many patients are to be served on their personal devices. Thus we have provided them a web based solution with an individual login id that is accessible from any device; this solution eliminates the barrier of location and saves a lot of time and effort on the part of doctors which is a very important factor for them.


For healthcare industry this solution proves to be effective to educate patients through visual representation about new medical treatments, promote them by showing commercials or entertain the patients in waiting areas and it also helps hospitals for its branding. Queue management takes a lot of burden off from the admin staff. They simply need to enter the list of appointments of any day in the system and rest is taken care of by the system. Furthermore, this solution is soon to be utilized for way finding. Along with the existing screens, some dedicated screens are to be installed. Xtreme Media is an integrated digital signage company which offers customized solutions for its clients through innovation. Along with the hardware & software offered effective content creation can also be done.

Case Study Details

Client:              Reliance’s Sir. H N
 Solution:       XM Queue Management System is integrated token management & digital signage solution made available on different devices to hospital.
Completion:   In 2014

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