Xtreme Media has revolutionized the way Options Advertising promotes customer brands via Digital Billboards

Options Advertising is one of India's top DOOH advertising agencies, providing DOOH solutions in many metro cities. In Mumbai, they advertise renowned commercial brands at the prime location of Santacruz. However, they felt that their static billboard didn't have a powerful impact on viewers. It also revealed their lack of digital maturity in this digital era. So they decided to change their strategy by going digital with their DOOH screens. This is where Xtreme Media stepped in and provided an LED display for advertising top brands for DOOH screens.

Project Details

LED series Rigel Plus
Pixel Pitch (mm) 5.99 mm
Screen size 40.9ft ✕ 40.9ft
Screen resolution 2000 ✕1200

Explore in detail how our innovation changed the brand experience.

How did Xtreme Media's outdoor LED displays solve the client's problem?

Options Advertising aims to have a lasting impact on the target audience so they can show value propositions to their clients. Thus, Xtreme Media provided Rigel Plus, an excellent outdoor advertising solution. Its unmatched features improve viewers' experience and satisfy clients' purpose. The technology has a pixel pitch of 5.99 mm, a screen size of 40.9 ft ✕ 40.9 ft and a screen resolution of 2000 ✕ 1200. This allows brands to upscale their advertising and have impressive responses from their clients and audiences.

How do DOOH screens revolutionise the viewer’s experience?

Rigel Plus offers superior brightness up to 6000 nits, die-cast aluminium cabinets with 89 mm depth, and IP 65 front & back. This makes the technology robust enough to stand out in peak sunlight and harsh weather conditions and dismiss all other potential distractions. There is no chance a passer-by can miss an advertisement on the Rigel Plus outdoor advertising screen. Its clarity and ultra-superior brightness grabs viewers' attention effortlessly and makes them feel like they are watching advertisements in real-time. This is also because the Rigel Plus outdoor LED display screen and its features are specially designed keeping outdoor challenges in mind. This ensures that the viewer’s experience with digital OOH advertising is not compromised regardless of external factors

How did Xtreme Media enable the brand to control its outdoor LED displays?

Problems like voltage surges, power surges and short circuits can disrupt the viewer's experience and set a negative impression of the brand. But not when you have the Rigel Plus technology. Xtreme Media provided Vigilant Technology along with Rigel Plus Outdoor LED displays. This enabled our client to get real-time updates about currents, voltages and the overall health of DOOH screens, allowing them to control any potential problems and reduce response time. Plus, its Xprotect Smart PDU eliminates the issues of overcurrent, short circuit, overheating, etc., and ensures the flawless functioning of the DOOH screens.

The power of monitoring, protecting and controlling the technology helps brands impart a seamless and immersive experience to their target audiences and eliminates the minutest inconveniences.

How did Xtreme Media overcome the challenges?

It was challenging to install the outdoor LED display screen at a height. However, our professional team's experience and expertise helped us install the DOOH screens smoothly and effortlessly. Also, the Rigel Plus LED screen is lightweight and sleek, which makes it easier to handle even at a height.

What does the client have to say about digital OOH advertising?

The client experienced a massive difference in communication and responsiveness. They were glad to improve their value proposition and get the perks of digital maturity. We were also glad to learn that the client expressed their desire to collaborate with us for their future projects.

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