Xtreme Media Transforms the NSE Boardroom with Its Video Wall

Xtreme Media Transforms the NSE Boardroom with Its Video Wall

India’s largest stock exchange, the NSE, part of the banking, financial services, and insurance segment, was desirous of redefining its boardroom experience. To make communication effective and visually experiential, they needed an innovative solution.

The challenges the customer was facing

A boardroom is an important place for the stock exchange. It displays essential information that is relevant to the top management. The challenge with the current LCD panel was the limited screen size. As a result, it was not very accessible.

The panel was not very vibrant, thereby limiting viewer experience. It also made the boardroom lack appeal since it looked very conventional. The viewing experience was average, owing to the LCD panel display, which was basic and not too exciting. As a result, most of the panel visuals weren’t very exquisite, and the panel wasn’t innovative, leading to a lack of viewer engagement.

The solution we offered

After a complete understanding of the NSE’s boardroom display and current panel, we listed their requirements. Xtreme Media suggested the ACE series screen to them for better visibility and efficient visuals in the boardroom.

The Xtreme Media Ace series comprises modern displays exclusively designed for boardrooms. These displays have incredible picture quality with 8K small pitch displays. The display had a 0.9mm pixel pitch screen.

How the client benefited from our solution

● Colour depth: This ACE series media display comes with a 22-bit color depth. As a result, it offers a dynamic contrast to the viewer of these displays.
● Vibrant Visuals: The series offers vibrancy in visuals and displays like never before, which results in excellent attention span and visual delight.
● High Contrast Ratios: The display we chose offers high contrast ratios up to 20000:1. It also provides higher grayscales and uplifts the color scape. As a result, the visuals are excellent and at par with the goals.
● Auto Adjust: As against the traditional LED displays in the conference room, the contrast, color, and brightness are automatically adjusted in this case. With the auto-calibration fitted into these displays, you will be able to retrieve calibration data that is automatically used.
● Real-time Notifications: The client wanted to receive real-time alerts, know all the component failures, and be prepared for issues. It will help you monitor the real-time status of the LED. In case of any problems, you will receive an alert. This allowed the BSE to stay prepared in case of any issues.
● Fewer Failures: The LED displays also offer 99% uptime and redundancy. As a result, there were fewer chances of failure. These display panels have to be on all the time as it displays important information that impacts decisions. As a result, high availability was a need. Xtreme media provided a solution wherein the client could manage multiple screens using a command control center.
● Power outage and blackouts: These screens come with backup power and data systems. As a result, even during blackouts and power outages, the screens will continue to display. This means there are fewer chances of complete failure of the systems.

What the client achieved with LED displays

With these LED meeting room displays, NSE was able to improve the brightness capability of the visuals it displayed, leading to enhancing the overall viewing experience. The end-users could view the displays and the content in any light. With the control management inside the administration, other members could access and control the data transmitted through the LED displays. They can manage scheduled as well as real-time displays, which empowers the team. You can use these displays to manage daily updates, alerts, and other critical information in the boardroom.

Effective and Custom Displays

Xtreme Media has various displays and LED solutions that you can use to enhance your organization’s capability. Depending on your use case and need, we offer solutions that are the best fit for you. Connect with Xtreme Media to give your boardrooms, meeting rooms, and conference room displays.

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