Driving Digital Innovation in Education: LED Displays Installed at MIT University in Pune


Advancement in education is not just about books, it is about how learning is also imparted, which facilitates better recall, stronger understanding, and focus. Over 97% of students prefer obtaining information through digital forms, and universities are quickly following through to cater to such demands.

Xtreme Media has been proud to partner with one of India’s leading universities, MIT Kothrud, located in Pune, Maharashtra. We provide state of the art digital display screens for schools that provide visual messaging to help keep people notified, informed, and aware.

A pioneer in post graduate courses, MIT Kothrud has been desirous of transforming its traditional university landscape into a technologically advanced institute to enable stronger engagement with students and faculty members alike. .

When MIT Kothrud approached Xtreme Media with this unique and innovation-seeking problem, we immediately got cracking on how LED displays for universities and digital signage for schools could help foster strong communication and increase interaction.

MIT Kothrud Requirement: Showcase branding communication, education programs, cultural initiatives, award announcements, and increase recognition.

Project Execution: Education Display Solutions for MIT Kothrud

Outdoor display solutions: Xtreme Media came up with a solution of installing a massive outdoor screen integrated with Xtreme signage, enabling the university to schedule content and display information even remotely.

USP of Xtreme Media’s LED display for education at MIT Kothrud -

Brightness: The LED screens installed at MIT Kothrud by Xtreme Media, are extremely powerful. With a brightness capability of up to 5500 nits, the boards allow an enhanced viewer experience even under direct sunlight.

Control: Managed using Xtreme signage software, faculty and administrative members have the ability to control what content is displayed on the screen, which can be done both real-time, or in a scheduled manner - and the best part is, this can be done either on campus, or even remotely!

Usage: The screens can be used for a variety of uses including display of notices, calendar events, information and visuals of previously conducted events, or even exhibit important messages.

Effective Communication for Universities

We were elated to be part of MIT Kothrud’s journey towards digital advancement and help provide education display solutions to the university. We are sure this will help the university go a long way in its quest to achieve overall digitalization and we look forward to assisting it in this process, as well as other universities to achieve the same! Get in touch with Xtreme Media today!

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