Maximizing Outdoor Advertising Reach with Xtreme Media's Rigel Plus Series

Outdoor Advertising has become a highly competitive industry where innovation plays an important role in capturing the attention of a wide audience. One of the leading players that provides out of the box OOH media solutions recently decided to make a lasting impact in this space by making use of cutting-edge technology. They approached Xtreme Media, the largest national LED display manufacturer to fulfill their vision of installing captivating outdoor screens. This case study explains how Xtreme Media played an important role in achieving the client’s goal by proposing its bestselling Rigel Plus series.

Project Details

LED series Rigel Plus Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 5.9 mm
Screen size 12.5m x 12.5m
Screen resolution 2106 X 2160

Client's Requirement:

The client, a prominent name in outdoor advertising, aspired to create a memorable and attention-seeking advertising space. To realize this vision, they needed captivating outdoor screens that could display high-quality advertisements to passersby. The client needed a solution that would make the heads turn, as well as endure harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Xtreme Media's Solution:

Xtreme Media understood the client’s requirements and proposed installing its Rigel Plus Series screens. These screens were recommended due to their exceptional features that would contribute to a rich outdoor visual experience.

Installation Challenges:

The installation of the screens presented a unique set of challenges as they are placed at a height. The Xtreme Media team managed to install the screens in a limited timeframe as the client wanted the screens operational as quickly as possible. Despite these challenges, the team was determined to deliver exceptional results.

Rigel Plus Series Features:

Pixel Pitch: The Rigel Plus Series screens boasted a pixel pitch of 5.9mm, which delivered high-resolution visuals even in an outdoor environment. This resulted in the advertisements displayed being sharp and vibrant, thereby captivating the attention of the audience.

IP65 Rating: The IP65 rating of the screens ensured durability and resilience against dust, moisture, and other environmental factors. This meant that the screens would continue to perform optimally in various weather conditions.

High Brightness: The Rigel Plus Series screens offered exceptional visibility even in bright sunlight due to the brightness of 5500 nits. This high brightness level ensured that the advertisements remained vivid and easily visible to the audience

Unforgettable Visual Experience:

The successful installation of the Rigel Plus Series screens transformed the outdoor advertising space. The combination of the pixel pitch, IP65 rating, and high brightness created an unforgettable visual experience for anyone in the area

7-year warranty:

Xtreme Media’s Xtreme Platina 7-year warranty offered peace of mind to the client. This extended warranty period not only highlights the confidence the company has in the durability and performance of the Rigel Plus Series, but also serves as a testament to its commitment towards delivering top-notch products and services to clients.

Client’s Impression:

The client was thoroughly impressed by the exceptional performance and delivery of Xtreme Media's expert team and the fact that they completed the installation in such a short time.


Xtreme Media's Rigel Plus Series screens proved to be the perfect solution for the client's outdoor advertising requirement. The installation of three screens with their exceptional features and durability elevated the client's advertising space to new heights. The hard work and dedication of the Xtreme Media team ensured that the project was completed in the given tight timeline, leaving a lasting impression on the passersby. This case study demonstrates how innovative technology can play a crucial role in outdoor advertising, setting the stage for remarkable campaigns and unforgettable experiences. Looking for unique LED display screen solutions to elevate your indoor and outdoor experience? Contact the expert team at Xtreme Media and get exceptional results.

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