LED Display Boosts Employee Engagement by 3X At A Leading Tech Company

Explore Xtreme Media's success story of enhancing a client's cafeteria with a cutting-edge LED screen.

Project Details

LED series Vega Plus Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.5 mm
Screen size 9m x 2m
Screen resolution 3600 x 800

Xtreme Media had recently taken on a new client, a tech-focused innovation lab specializing in virtual and augmented reality, as well as cloud software solutions. The lab serves a wide range of industries, including healthcare, entertainment, and media, and is committed to providing its clients with engaging and interactive experiences. To maintain its position as a leader in the market, the lab decided to renovate its workplace, with a particular focus on upgrading its cafeteria. The client was searching for a sophisticated LED display solution to elevate the aesthetic appeal of this space.

What purpose did the screen serve in the cafeteria?

The client wished to improve their cafeteria atmosphere and create a visually appealing and energizing environment for employees during lunch breaks. The LED screen was to serve a dual purpose here, both showcasing dynamic visuals and serving as a tool for conducting business-related events and employee training sessions. Knowing Xtreme Media's expertise in this field, the client approached the company with this requirement

How did Xtreme Media give the cafeteria a makeover?

Xtreme Media offers a comprehensive range of LED screens to cater to varying client requirements. The team conducts a thorough analysis of each client's specifications and preferences, following which they propose the appropriate solution. In this case, they recommended their bestselling indoor LED video wall - the Vega Plus Series. This top-of-the-line screen boasts of two remarkable features:

• High Picture Quality

The Vega Plus Series provides superior image quality and is equipped with an optimal level of brightness, making it ideal for indoor screen applications. With high brightness of 1200 nits and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, this screen offers exceptional visual quality for viewers, delivering a truly immersive experience.

•Lightweight and Sleek Design

With a pixel pitch of 2.5mm, the screen is made with die-cast aluminum which not only makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver, but also lends it a sophisticated look and feel. This also results in seamless installation and dismantling processes, ensuring efficient maintenance of the screen. .

7-year Warranty

In addition to the exceptional features of the Vega Plus Series, Xtreme Media provides its clients with peace of mind through its exceptional warranty coverage. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the industry-leading 7-year warranty that the company offers on this state-of-the-art LED video wall. This extended warranty period not only highlights the confidence they have in the durability and performance of the Vega Plus Series but also serves as a testament to their commitment toward delivering top-notch products and services to clients

What was the final result and client’s impression?

The client expressed their delight with Xtreme Media’s customer service, right from efficient installation to built-to-last quality and superior warranty. The client agreed that the Vega Plus Series was the ideal choice for enhancing the visual appeal of their cafeteria and provided a top-notch viewing experience for their employees. The cherry on top was the one-of-its-kind 7-year warranty by Xtreme Media, which further strengthened the relationship between the client and the company and solidified a successful partnership.

If you are looking to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your indoor or outdoor spaces and have any LED screen needs, kindly reach out to the experienced professionals at Xtreme Media for exceptional results. The team will be pleased to assist you in realizing your vision.

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