6 large-sized LED displays of Vega Series installed in the largest conference room of Government of India

This case study highlights Xtreme Media’s effective use of Vega Series for indoor purpose of conducting conference meetings.

Project Details

LED series Vega Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.5 mm
Screen size 5m x 3m
Screen resolution 2000 X 1200

These days, government bodies are embracing digital transformation by making use of LED displays for conference rooms to conduct their day-to-day meetings. Xtreme Media recognizes the increasing demand for conference room displays in government offices and has become adept at meeting their unique requirements. With years of expertise and a deep understanding of the governmental sector, the company has perfected the art of catering to their needs.

What did the client require?

The client which is a nodal agency of the Government of India needed 6 large LED screens for the largest conference room of GOI with an intention to enhance the communication and presentation capabilities with state-of-the-art display solutions at the time of their important meetings. These screens were put in use for the 8th governing council meeting of the Niti (National Institute for Transforming India) Aayog which was conducted by our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji with the state and cabinet ministers

What did Xtreme Media offer?

To cater to the client’s demand, Xtreme Media stepped in as a reliable partner, leveraging their expertise in providing high-quality conference room digital displays. The company understood the significance of these screens in facilitating effective discussions, data visualization, and collaborative decision-making processes at the time of the meeting. After closely understanding the client’s requirements, Xtreme Media ensured that the LED screens met their size requirements, offered superior visual quality, and integrated seamlessly with their existing infrastructure

The company suggested its bestselling Vega series having a pixel pitch of 2.5mm, and screen size of 5m x 3m. The conference room was transformed with the installation of these six screens in a curved setup, guaranteeing stunning visuals and data visibility for the attendees at the time of the meeting.

What was the Client’s final Impression?

With Xtreme Media's cutting-edge LED screens, the client was able to create an engaging and impactful environment in their conference room, fostering productivity and enabling efficient information sharing among government officials. Moreover, Xtreme Media’s expert team completed the installation of these big-sized screens within 3 days which was commendable.

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