A leading HNI transforms private ballroom with a large LED display

The client operates a global corporation with a diverse portfolio of businesses in sectors like pharmaceuticals, real estate and financial services. They employ 10,000 employees from 21 different nationalities and have offices in more than 30 countries. They also have a presence in more than 100 international marketplaces and have experienced exponential global growth due to their steadfast principles and beliefs. Recently, they had a triumphant moment when they were listed on India's BSE and NSE stock exchanges.

Project Details

LED series Vega Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.5 mm
Screen size 7m x 4m
Screen resolution 2800 x 1600

What did the client need?

The client, a popular Indian HNI was searching for a high quality and durable LED screen because they intended to augment the ballroom experience that is in their home in Mumbai. After a little bit of research, they were convinced that an active LED display will be the perfect technology to transform the ballroom thus increasing the sophistication and richness of the room. A ballroom is usually occupied by guests for events, parties, and conference purposes. Therefore, providing the highest-quality screen available in the market that met our client's specifications was necessary. In the quest for a promising and durable LED display, the client approached Xtreme Media to take on the challenge of providing the best product and service possible.

How did Xtreme Media approach the client’s requirements?

For their visitors, the client wished to improve the ballroom experience. This demand was met by the remarkable features and specs of our lightweight LED displays from the Vega Series. With a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm, a screen resolution of 2800x1600, and a screen size of 7m x 4m our Vega series LED display was the perfect match suiting the client's standard of expectation.

Additionally, our Xtreme Platina 7-year warranty, which promises long-lasting growth and partnerships, was a welcome addition to the portable Vega Series LED display that makes our product a great choice.

How did Xtreme Media’s Vega Series come to the rescue?

Digital display will be revolutionized by the lightweight, long-lasting Vega Series LED display. Xtreme Media suggested the Vega series for the client because of its special characteristics like:

High brightness up to 4,000 nits Special interlock mechanism that enables a curved display Lightweight and self-sufficiency Remote monitoring and control display

What challenges did Xtreme Media face during installation?

The challenge that Xtreme Media came across during the entire process of installation was mainly the time restriction. It was difficult because the client needed the LED display installed quickly. But thanks to the years of experience and training of our specialists, the brand was able to install the lightweight LED display in less than an hour. Our team here at Xtreme Media proved to be time-efficient and super quick with their work of installing the LED display. This installation stands as one of the brand’s greatest accomplishments because it's challenging to install all the modules in an hour.

What was the client’s ultimate impression?

The long-lasting technology was appreciated by the client. Overall, they were delighted with our product and the service they received. Providing one of our top Vega series LED display setups with its many appealing features seemed to be the appropriate solution. Additionally, the 7-year Xtreme Platina warranty offer has helped Xtreme Media gain the client’s trust and confidence.

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