Xtreme Media’s LED display enhances the effectiveness of meetings in JSW boardroom

Project Details

LED series ACE
Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.5 mm
Screen size 11.8 ft x 6.6 ft
Screen resolution 2400 x 1350
Warranty 7-Year Warranty
Innovation Remote monitoring via Vigilant Technology

The JSW Group wanted to upgrade their boardroom experience with a modern-tech LED display to have effective meetings. This is where Xtreme Media came into the picture, offering a high-quality fine pitch LED video wall. Our bestselling ACE Series effortlessly fulfilled our client’s expectations and boardroom requirements.

JSW Group is one of the leading business houses in India that deals in steel, cement, paint, infrastructure, energy, venture capital, and sports. They contribute significantly to India's economic growth by successfully executing technically complex projects & capital-intensive programs and providing high-quality services globally.

The group aims to achieve sustainable growth by channelizing its strength and capabilities in the right direction and providing integrated services. They have always evolved with time and have continually been adopting the latest technology to gain an edge. Their traditional LCD limited this thought process and failed to motivate impactful outcomes as the display is one of the most important elements of a boardroom.

Xtreme Media bridged this gap by offering their bestselling high-quality fine-pitch LED display series—the ACE Series. This built-to-last display solution makes your meeting effective & and highly impactful by providing a visual experience that inspires.

How did Xtreme Media's LED videowall create an immersive experience in Sajjan Jindal's boardroom?

JSW wanted a high-resolution LED video wall to discuss their technically challenging projects. The LED displays are equipped with extraordinary features, such as high contrast and resolution, enabling them to present their graphs seamlessly, assess the architectural drawings, carry out product demonstrations, and analyze upcoming innovations and technologies. This built-to-last technology's excellent build quality and picture clarity transformed their projects' vision and perspective, thus creating an immersive experience for the management. Also, the ACE Series display comes with a 7-year warranty.

Why did Xtreme Media recommend the 'ACE Series' to JSW Group?

The ACE Series is Xtreme Media's bestselling fine-pitch display series that comes in various pixel pitches of 1.5 mm, 2400 x 1350 screen resolution and 11.8 ft x 6.6 ft screen size incorporated with Vigilant-IoTTM Technology. Its high contrast ratio and grayscale were up to 20,000:1, which captured every detail and enhanced the client’s viewing experience. Plus, its auto-calibration technology automatically stored calibration data, which saved our client’s time from storing and adjusting the image manually. Plus, its TrueColourTM LED display maintained the originality and authenticity of every picture. JSW Group was highly impressed by the ACE Series LED videowall high-end features and the fact that it came with an Xtreme Platina 7-year warranty. This build-to-last technology took them one step closer to their sustainable goals.

How did the Xtreme Media ACE series transform boardroom discussions?

The traditional LCD would have component failures and picture distortion, which negatively impacted the effectiveness of their meeting. Our Vigilant Technology and the ACE Series solved this challenge by enabling the client to monitor the display's health status and detect potential component failures to avoid downtime. The client experienced unparalleled efficiency, convenience, and reliability with the ACE Series display that is built to last and comes with Xtreme Platina 7-year warranty.

What challenges did Xtreme Media overcome?

The challenge was in installing the LED display in a limited timeframe. The boardroom would always be occupied by the core committee members conducting important meetings and discussions throughout the day. However, our professionals overcame this challenge with their expertise and commitment to timeline and successfully installed the display within the given time.

What was the client’s final impression of the ACE Series display?

The client was quite satisfied with our product quality & design, and outcome. They also expressed relief due to Xtreme Platina 7-year warranty, which assures them of a long-lasting display.

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