Interactive Wayfinding Solution for Seawoods Grand Central Mall

Interactive Wayfinding Solution for Seawoods Grand Central Mall

Xtreme media introduces Touchscreen Wayfinding Signage to transform navigation at Seawoods Grand Central Mall.

What used to be an illustrated plastic sheet mounted on backlit frames have come a long way as sophisticated interactive digital signage. In recent times, the people as workers and shoppers have been moving out of home and staying so for long hours every day, round the year. One thing required in such a situation is dependable navigation and guidance around the outdoors. Therefore, developing wayfinding signage is the art of allowing people unfamiliar with spaces to move in those spaces, Comfortably.

These interactive wayfinding kiosks powered with touch technology are the trend, offering a more intuitive and smarter navigation system.

A large mall or shopping plaza, such as those with more than one main venue, can utilize an interactive wayfinding kiosk or display as the best among the latest things. Seawoods Grand Central Mall in association with Xtreme Media has done exactly this and provided shoppers with the comfort of touchscreen wayfinding. Not only are wayfinding kiosks helping guide people to exactly their destination by calculating the shortest route available through a smart algorithm. Besides, the Interactive wayfinding includes other integrated services such as directory, feedback system, digital signage, etc.

The client has reported positive trends in reducing guests needing staff assistance, resulting in better employee focus and better productivity.

3d interactive wayfinding

Project Details:

Touchscreen Wayfinding: A Seawoods Experience

No. of kiosks: 5
Map styling: 3D
Location: Navi Mumbai
Additional facilities: Digital Signage, Feedback system

The Wayfinding kiosks endeavor with Seawoods Grand Central mall is intended to help visitors pinpoint their location and access information to key services, service personnel, etc. A primary observation since installing these wayfinding kiosks has been reduced traffic congestion and improved customer satisfaction. Also, shoppers have better appreciation and familiarity with sellers because of the shop finder facility and the hassle-free feedback utility.

The Xtreme Media software is based on high caliber Windows-based media player for quality display rendering and output. This firmware is friendly to the buyer as it allows for the client to offer a customized layout to the buyer/user.

Our spatial problem solving is extended to service the customers in a 360-degree way.

For instance, our multi-language system allows Seawoods Grand Central to reach out to visitors from the world over. Features such as multi-floor navigation in 2D & 3D and intuitive search were a priority for the client, that we delivered.

Some features:
  • Mail alert: all feedbacks generated by the consumer and analytical data goes as a daily mail to the client.
  • 5 Kiosks for complete coverage.
  • Better customer experience
  • Improving the savings by saving staff hours, reduced administrative work, and relief for staff from answering repeat questions.
  • Quickly & easily update guests and visitors about the latest facilities and services.
  • Improve customer contentment with the multi-language capability and access control features. Help navigate the facility through wayfinding systems.
  • Immediately receive donations at the kiosk.
  • Advertise your fundraising programs and goals.
  • Multi language system allows you to reach out to visitors from the world over.
  • Multi-floor navigation in 2D & 3D.
  • Intuitive Search.

Wayfinding Signage Technology – 2D & 3D

2D: The 2D interface calculates the shortest trajectory to the desired location. The wayfinding signage is more than a navigation module, rather it is also a sort of directory. For instance, a visitor at a shopping mall gets to browse through a directory of outlets, she can also scan as per the required shopping categories. Digital signage is integrated with Xtreme Media interactive wayfinding which provides an effective branding option, a feature made available through the feedback system. A user can submit reviews and feedback for valuable insights for brands.

3D: Our 3D interactive digital signage block interface recreates any given map in 3D and supplements a realistic experience. Seamlessly and visually rich, 3D wayfinding comes with all the features available with interactive wayfinding such as directory view, integrated digital signs, and feedback.

  • 3D wayfinding shows the aisles and distances between the blocks clearly,
  • The way finder is a digital catalog that makes good production investment for any enterprise.
  • The interface has an attractive design and an intuitive multi-point search makes for a good wayfinding experience easy and fun.
  • Quick search engine enables to a quick finding of desired destinations just by feeding in the relevant words.
  • There’s also an option to add high-resolution interactive prompts, ads, and promotions.
  • Reach larger spectrum of visitors, even ones without a smartphone or tablet.
  • 3D way finder is fully customizable and functions with other OOH solutions like digital signage software.

What Else We Offer @ Xtreme Media

Interactive Signage -Digital signage streamlined with touch & gesture technology allows brands to engage effectively with the consumer.

Data Analytics - A solution comprising relevant insights through Facial Recognition technology and the back-end software which presents the most important content for the audience.

Centralised Queue Management - Cut away the irritant of long queues and reduce the waiting time for your shoppers using queue management system.

FIDS - Speed and accuracy is the word for the display systems we use for airports for information such as flight, gate status, etc. updated real time

Case Study Details

Client: Seawoods Grand Central Mall, Navi Mumbai

Solution: 3D Touchscreen Wayfinding

Completion: 2019

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