Are theatres only about watching movies? At Inox theatres, it isn't!

Movie theatres are multiplying their roles, it has become a quick hangout place. One of the leading cinema theatres INOX Leisure Limited has added multiple attraction points right from their chick ambiance, chef-curated food, one of a kind VR experience and digital display solution. Verities of LED displays like Architectural LED video walls, digital menu boards with centralized digital signage solutions are installed in most of their Multiplexes.

Overview of digital transformation for Inox

  • Creating a new digital look for the Inox theatres: People are more attracted to motion content and in this smartphone era the digital screens have become even more relevant. The theatre wanted to embrace the digital displays as a canvas to boost Inox brand and to increase engagement level with each customer
  • Expand the theatre advertising avenues: Theatre advertising has been the least penetrated and underestimated, even though people coming to movie theatres are potentially more attentive than for a passer-by for a hoarding.
  • Uniform & effective content distribution: Right from movie trailers till F&B items on the menu all the content which theatre showcases is dynamic in nature. One solution which can manage 7 distribute the content centrally is a necessity.


Project Details

Inox theatres have a vast presence with 68 theatres. Xtreme Media's 28 LED screens are installed across various locations in India covering many cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Bhubaneshwar, Punjab, Chennai, New Delhi, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Gurgaon, etc.  
LED Video wall & Digital Signage solution details
  • T-Arch – Entrance directly impact on the impression of visitors. To create a lasting first impression Inox has covered their whole entrance with an LED video wall at R-city mall. The T-Arch LED display to play eye-catching visual of the waterfall, golden dust falling & latest movie promotions.
  • Pillar LED Display - The attractive pillars create a superior and memorable experience for visitors walking around and keep them engaged with various promotional advertisements for upcoming events, movie trailers, offers and other happenings.
  • LED Ticker – Inox metro is one of the landmarks in Mumbai, the scrolling LED ticker provides a nostalgic feel at the theatre. It quickly provides glimpses of show timings, news or Online Streaming’s of OTT and other advertisements to Passersby.
  • Rectangular LED Video Wall – The vibrant colour and moving visuals of the LED video wall creates a long-lasting impression and anticipation among their audience in the waiting zone, booking queues, etc. LED video wall enables the advertisers to communicate more efficiently and effectively to draw the attention of the visitors.
  • Digital Signage Software – So, as to drive these multiple LED and LCD displays the XM Digital signage is used. It is centralized software to control multiple displays, which has eased the real-time content management for INOX supported by multiple platforms such as android, windows, LG WebOS. This software lets them play multiple content formats from Movie trailers to the food and beverage menu.

Technical Points about the display

  • LED Display Series – Kore Series
  • Pixel Pitch – P3 and P4
  • Available Pixel Pitch Range – 2.5mm to 5mm
  • LED Display Concepts – T-arch LED, Pillar LED, Rectangular LED and LED Ticker
  • Other Technical Aspects – Easy to maintain, suits any ambient lighting due to their adjustable brightness and contrast ratio and is bezel-free, robust and waterproof.
Case Study Details

Client: INOX Leisure Limited

Solution: Custom LED Video Wall, T-Arch, Pillar LED Display, LED Ticker, Rectangular LED Video Wall, Digital Signage Software

Completion: 2019

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