Engaging the Crowd with Digital billboards

Xtreme Media has time and again worked with advertising companies, offering solutions for outdoor digital displays. Their new client is an outdoor advertising company that enables brands to reach their potential customers when they drive or walk by the digital billboard. The company is one of the big names in the DOOH and OOH industries. They have showcased multiple digital and static hoardings pan India

However, the client believed their billboards had no major impact on viewers. At this point, the Xtreme Media team came to the rescue and supplied an LED display for DOOH screens to promote their leading brands.

Project Details

LED series Rigel Plus Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 5.9 mm
Screen sizes 12.48m x 5.76m
Screen resolution 2106 x 972
Quantity 2

What did the client require?

The client was on a quest for a robust screen that could portray their promotional advertisements with more charm. This is an essential requirement for outdoor billboards and hoardings, but the client wanted something significantly sophisticated to grab and hold people’s attention. With technology taking over almost every aspect of life, consumers now have a minimal attention span and rarely stop and look at advertisements. To conquer this challenge by presenting a screen that one cannot fail to observe, the client approached Xtreme Media to leverage their innovative digital solutions.

What solution did Xtreme Media offer?

Xtreme Media offers a variety of LED screen solutions. For the client’s specific requirements, they suggested their Rigel Plus series of LED displays, which is recommended for all outdoor applications. These outdoor LED displays have an IP65 rating on the front and the rear, guaranteeing their strength and sustainability. In addition, it has many exceptional features, such as:

Lightweight size

These screens are pretty lightweight and easy to install because of their die-cast aluminum build. Additionally, the cabinets' minimal weight makes the structure durable and easier to repair as well.

High brightness

These screens provide brightness as high as up to 6000 nits. This enables capturing a detailed view of the screen without missing out on the brightness levels for outdoor operations, making it the best option to grab a passerby’s attention.

Vigilant technology

Xtreme Media's Vigilant Technology offers the client the utmost convenience. Their outdoor LED displays are equipped with specialized monitoring cards that enable the controller to identify any potential defects. These defects could range from failed FRC cables, cabinet doors opening, and failed pixels to power failures.

Along with these exciting and commendable features, Xtreme Media provides a lavishing 7-year rare warranty on its screens, instilling faith in the clients concerning their products.

What challenges did Xtreme Media face?

Installation on the highway was the most significant challenge for the team at Xtreme Media. The running traffic made it difficult to install the screen without any delays. However, despite the difficulties, their efficient project teams ensured that the screen was correctly installed on time with zero errors.

What was the client’s final impression?

The client was delighted with both Xtreme Media’s product and the caliber of their customer service. The Rigel Plus Display Series was the ideal choice to meet their outdoor screen needs for their hoardings to give out the best outdoor promotional advertisement experience. Additionally, the cherry on the top was XM’s 7-year warranty - the longest in the industry - which led to a fruitful relationship between the client and Xtreme Media.

Looking for unique LED display screen solutions to elevate your indoor and outdoor experience? Contact the expert team at Xtreme Media and get exceptional results.

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