Elevating Outdoor Advertising with Xtreme Media's Rigel Plus Series

Elevating Outdoor Advertising with Xtreme Media's Rigel Plus Series

This case study showcases Xtreme Media’s effective use of Rigel Plus series for outdoor advertising of one of its clients.

Project Details

LED series Rigel Plus Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 5.9 mm
Screen size 9.6m x 5.7m
Screen resolution 1620 X 972

Xtreme Media has consistently excelled in providing LED displays that are effective for outdoor advertising to its clients. The brand has met the client's needs by suggesting its bestselling outdoor LED display. The client is a leading advertising agency based in India and specializes in offering innovative marketing solutions. It is a powerhouse of outdoor solutions in the world of OOH.

What did the client want?

The client was looking for an LED display that could be used for promotional purposes near Mumbai sea face with a goal to attract the attention of passerby and communicate effectively. With so many distractions and limited time for individuals to focus on a particular thing, the client intended to use a dynamic and visually compelling LED display that could make the message heard in the crowd.

What did Xtreme Media offer?

Xtreme Media understood the client’s requirement of wanting a attention-seeking display, and offered its bestselling Rigel Plus series. The screen not only fulfilled the client's need for an effective promotional display, but also offered an aesthetically appealing design due to its sleek and modern die-cast aluminium cabinets. Apart from this, the screen also consists of other remarkable features. It has an IP65 rating, and a high brightness of 6000 nits.

The outdoor LED display was instrumental in providing clear, high-quality visuals, even in broad daylight, which attracted and engaged audiences. Xtreme Media's innovative approach to outdoor advertising resulted in increased brand recognition and higher customer engagement for their client.

The Rigel Plus series displays also include IoT monitoring that periodically checks the health of the displays and detects any faults that may occur. To top it up, these displays come with an exceptional 7-year warranty, thereby ensuring peace of mind to the customers using them.

What was the Client’s final Impression?

The client was very satisfied and overwhelmed with Xtreme Media’s installation of Rigel Plus series. The team of Xtreme Media flawlessly installed the screen in a very short span of time and ensured that the installation was on schedule. Xtreme Media's commitment to customer satisfaction has always been a top priority, and the brand's ability to deliver on its promises is truly remarkable.

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