Army Infantry School at Mhow choose Xtreme Media LED Videowall for their cadet training classroom

Army Infantry School at Mhow choose Xtreme Media LED Videowall for their cadet training classroom


Defense schools are where soldiers of tomorrow are created and trained. LED display technology is transforming the way we are consuming data, and the change is being seen across sectors. The Indian government is adopting digital displays for more innovative, dynamic, and effective communications. Xtreme Media along with its partner Magnum Computers have recently designed and delivered an indoor LED display solution for Mhow Army Infantry school in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most prestigious army schools in the country, which is creating newer mediums to ensure interactive learning.


Army School provides extensive practical training along with classroom training. To enhance the training to the cadets, it has a dedicated training facility. This training focuses on warfare and other aspects. Mhow Army school wanted to create a more realistic and dynamic training experience. The project came into execution during the lockdown which served as a huge challenge while the installation and commissioning.


After studying the training room capacity and viewing angles, Xtreme Media proposed one of our finest and bestselling Asta series LED displays of P2.5. The optimum size of 16.79 ft by 9.44 ft provides the full HD resolution and covers all the viewing points. The training center is also used as an exhibition center for defense equipment and weapons, which now has a very dynamic screen to provide more information about it. Xtreme Media has provided all in one solution which includes best in class LED display and a powerful video processor with multiple inputs. To create a seamless experience, we integrated our solution with the existing audio system. 4 input sources consisting of HDMI & DVI are made available in the solution for easy and quick connectivity. The installation was completed in 5 days and the solution went through extensive testing by Army. The final commission of the 2 screens was passed after the test run on the 8th day. The indoor LED display is TrueColor providing an immersive visual experience, the color reproduction of the display is realistic and vibrant. This LED display is not only providing agility to the Army school in training and content presentation but also making it easy for the students to grasp the information easily. Mhow Army Infantry School have created a futuristic training center for their cadets.

Case Study Details

Client: Mhow Army Infantry School, Madhya Pradesh

Solution: Product - Indoor LED display | 2 Quantities

Technical Details: Asta Series P 2.5 | 16.79 ft by 9.44 ft | Full HD

Completion: In 2020

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