Xtreme Media Facilitates Digitizing India’s APMC Mandis With ReMS

India’s agricultural sector has witnessed a lot of government and private support in the form of provisions of infrastructure and subsidies to farmers. Rashtriya eMarket Services Private Limited (ReMS) was incorporated to bring about efficiency and transparency in the agricultural markets in Karnataka.

ReMS’ aim is to establish an institutional structure so that farmers and other market participants benefit from efficient price discovery. The company facilitates e-tendering and auctioning of farmer produce in state-regulated markets through an electronic platform called the Unified Market Platform (UMP). This platform handles e-tendering, auctioning of farmer produce, accounting, and online fund settlement and trade fulfillment.

Modernizing agriculture with LED Videowall

In partnership with the state government of Karnataka, ReMS sought Xtreme Media’s help in setting up Outdoor Active LED Displays to communicate information to farmers for quicker resolution of issues. The idea was to help farmers and market participants gauge how the UMP can support them.

With the future of APMC markets looking strongly at modern innovations, Xtreme Media was excited to be part of India’s acceleration into a digital revolution and quickly responded to the ReMS’ tender to be part of this project.

The project involved installing 20 LED displays of 4 ft x 6 ft to be mounted on 10 ft high pole at approximately 20 state-regulated APMCs across Karnataka.

Unique Value Proposition offered

To undertake this project successfully, Xtreme Media devoted time to each of its stages -- from research and analysis to planning and execution; the aim was to facilitate easier communication from ReMS to mandi participants who can benefit from the information.

● Analysis of technicalities: Our team analyzed the tender floated by ReMS and came up with a unique solution to fit their requirements. The solution involved going over the technicalities and creating the perfect LED video wall with a digital signage software solution for all 20 locations with the fabrication and execution of the project.
● Project planning: As part of the planning stage, the Xtreme Media team undertook a recce of the 20 locations where the digital signages were to be installed. We checked the locations to understand the structural feasibility of the installation as well as internet connectivity.
● Installation & project commissioning: Xtreme Media put together a team of its top two engineers and completed this installation of 20 LED displays in a record ten days! Once installed, ReMS authorities had access to XtremeSignage Solution, our platform through which they could easily display content to all the locations in one go.

Digital LED display board advantage

One of the technical issues that the Xtreme Media team identified was the internet connectivity in some locations where the displays were installed. Due to the sites being remote, ReMS feared that real-time content or communication may not always be displayed due to internet fluctuations.

We had a ready answer to combat this issue. With the help of the LED controller system, we were able to ensure that content was always stored so that in the event of an internet fluctuation or downtime, the screen would be able to display default content.

Future forward with digitized APMCs

Safe to say, ReMS was extremely satisfied with Xtreme Media’s Digital Display Solution.

All 20 displays at different locations across Karnataka are functioning and are displaying important communication through the LED displays to facilitate a more direct form of interaction with farmers and market participants. This truly is a game-changer in India’s digital agricultural revolution. Spearheading India’s APMC segment into digitization, our objective is to get APMC mandis in other states in the country to follow suit. Having digital signages can help make these markets more efficient by bridging the communication gap. We genuinely hope that more state markets will use advertising displays in the form of digital signages to get vital information across.

When they do, Xtreme Media will be ready to float a bid for their tender!

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