Digital Kiosks

Xtreme Media kiosks are customized according to the need of the industry demand. And these digital kiosks are used for various applications such as interactive wayfinding for better navigation, Information kiosks, a digital kiosk for outdoors, etc. it is one of the most popular forms of digital signage. The digital kiosks not only make it aesthetically more appealing but also the extra layer of protection makes it stronger and long-lasting for usage. The digital kiosk includes the frame design, suitable professional panel range, and integrated digital signage software.

integrated digital signage

Integrated Digital Signage

Xtreme Media provides cloud-based digital signage software. Which is already integrated into the digital kiosk. This allows the user to have complete control over the CMS making the digital kiosk smarter and more feasible for use.
tempred glass protection

Tempered Glass Protection

Xtreme Media digital kiosk displays are assembled with an extra layer of tempered glass protection. Providing digital displays with longer life for its vigorous everyday usage. Providing its high endurance capability and ensuring its smooth functioning.
super wide viewing angles

Super Wide Viewing Angles

Xtreme Media provides with a unique display for its digital kiosk. The display delivers different colour shades depending on the viewing angle of the viewer. executing uniform and richer viewing experience for audiences.
ripple free display

Ripple Free Display

Digital screens if pressed on the display tend to give a ripple effect. However, in Xtreme Media digital displays the ripple effect is optimized and eliminated. Making it a hard panel professional display.

Benefits of Digital Kiosk Display

Xtreme Media offers supreme quality and seamless viewing experience while the digital signage software enables easy and smart content editing and publishing. It provides ease in scaling up the number of kiosks establishing it as a centrally controlled and manageable network.


Xtreme Media digital kiosks are personalized according to the layout of the site. It can be installed in the outdoors as well as indoors depending on the business need. These digital kiosks can be installed in an educational institutions, malls, theaters, airports, hotels, corporate and professional industries.

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