Xtreme Media elevates the cafeteria experience with its LED display for one of India's leading music labels

Xtreme Media has provided LED display solutions for many high-end clients across India. Recently, the brand worked with one of India's oldest music labels, multi-language content producer, and youngest film studio. This client is proudly listed on the BSE and NSE

Project Details

LED series Ace Series
Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.56 mm
Screen size 2.4m x 4.05m
Screen resolution 1536 x 2592

What did the client require?

The client recently inaugurated its new office in Mumbai and was in quest for an excellent indoor LED screen. It needed a seamless LED screen installed in its new office’s cafeteria. Being a music label company, the whole idea of installing the screen, especially in the cafeteria, was to elevate its overall look and create a soothing experience. This would enable the client to play melodic songs on the screen and display fascinating visuals, making break time of its employees fun. The client approached Xtreme Media to deliver the best possible screen that can provide the desired outcome.

What LED display did Xtreme Media offer?

Xtreme Media delivered its bestselling Fine pitch LED product - the ACE Series, to give the client's cafeteria space an elegant upgrade. The client was so particular about the visual experience that it agreed to install a fine pitch LED display in the cafeteria which is generally used in boardrooms.

The ACE series successfully added a spark in the cafe space with its multiple fascinating features, such as

High contrast ratio

Auto calibration

16-bit color depth

High brightness

Low power consumption technology

Constant monitoring with advanced IoT technology

Shared below are some additional specifications of the bestselling ACE series display.

Service access Front
Weight (kg/m2) 35
Viewing angle 160*160
Ingress protection IP20
Certification CE, FCC, BIS

Various attractive features and detailed specifications of this product matched the client’s requirements. The brand’s product helped the client transition its cafeteria look into a more sophisticated and elegant space. With all the astounding features and specifications, Xtreme Media delivered a screen that is covered under a 7-year warranty, instilling confidence and trust in the client about its products and services

What was the client’s final impression?

The client was overjoyed with the visual experience that the product offered and even more with the customer service Xtreme Media offered. The ACE display series, with its striking features and unique specifications, was a perfect match for enhancing the cafeteria’s look and feel. Additionally, the brand’s 7-year warranty - the world’s only Xtreme Platina - has left the client satisfied with the overall experience of partnering with Xtreme Media.

Reach out at info@xtreme-media.com to learn more about the built-to-last products and one-of-its-kind warranty offered.

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