Delivering a Robust, Sustainable, and Industry-Leading Digital OOH Experience with Alakh Advertising

Client Profile & Problem Mapping

Alakh Advertising & Publicity has been operating as an OOH leader in Mumbai and Nagpur for several years. With over 300+ media properties that include some of the most prominent highways, public transport routes, and malls, the company brings excellence at scale for its clients along with 30+ years of expertise as a media solutions provider. In line with the industry trends and its visionary leadership, the management team wanted to scale its digital OOH position across key markets.

Theoretically, digital OOH helps advertising companies like Alakh garner:

1. More revenues per site as each site can be used to distribute multiple ads in a day.

2. Premium for sites as digital OOH offers greater engagement with target audiences.

3. Higher recall value for ads that stand out by design, thus helping the company command recurring business from established client groups.

However, after a comprehensive assessment of the landscape, the Alakh Team enlisted some critical issues that could turn the panacea of digital OOH into a disaster from day one of deployment. The team’s most pressing concerns included:

1. Principal-Agent Conflict

Some of the most recent digital OOH deployments have resulted in unprofessional conduct and a suboptimal media experience for target consumers.

Such examples illustrate that while the idea has merits, its efficacy is eventually correlated with its execution. The core issue here is a principal-agent conflict. While technology manufacturers supply the digital screens to OOH companies like Alakh, the latter has the liability of managing such media assets. This way, after completing a sale, the technology manufacturers have no skin in the game to ensure consistent quality.

2.Legacy Tracking Capabilities

Digital OOH opens the door to the long-pending revolution in outdoor media – performance tracking. Historically, media companies had to rely on statistical sampling and demographic data to report performance, and Digital OOH enables the same companies to report performance with greater transparency and accountability.

The broader scope of reporting is not just a feature but a fundamental requirement for successful digital OOH implementation. Brands and agencies want to understand the value proposition of upgrading to digital OOH and letting go of the 'monopolistic installation' of brand assets in designated media locations. Alakh wanted a reporting mechanism to support its pitch to the clients and showcase digital OOH with a renewed and transparent mechanism.

3.Cost and Value Asymmetry

From installation to deployment to maintenance – digital OOH brings a new set of challenges for a media company. While the revenues can grow exponentially, variables like equipment longevity, operating costs of technology, and compliance with government regulations can also increase the cost base if left unchecked.

Balancing Multifaceted Priorities

The Alakh Team approached XTREME Media to deliver a robust solution that could mitigate the risks pertinent to each acknowledged challenge. The XTREME Media team proposed two solutions from the same family that could eminently eradicate the friction recognized by the Alakh Team for its digital OOH operations and add tremendous value on a recurring basis. The two proposed solutions included the Earth 3in1 DIP P6.67 to be installed at a touchpoint in Mahalaxmi and a Rigel P6 to be installed at a touchpoint in Bandra.

The XTREME Media suite of solutions unlocked a range of benefits going beyond addressing the concerns put forth by the Alakh Team.

1.Inherent Technology Edge

The deployed digital OOH screens had brightness ranging between 5,000 to 8,000 nits. To put this into perspective, some of the most high-end HDR screens have a range of approximately 2,000 nits. A higher range of nits ensures that the content on each screen will be visible throughout the varying brightness of sunlight and weather conditions in the day.

2. Delivering a Seamless Deployment Experience

We onboarded the Alakh team onto our proprietary platform – XtremeSignage. The platform operates with an intuitive and fluid UI that enables seamless content management. This empowered the Alakh team to upload and update content on their media properties using a simple and easily accessible online platform.

3. Bringing Transparency to Digital OOH Performance

XtremeSignage also includes our proprietary suite of advanced analytics and AI-enabled cloud monitoring technology. This provided greater visibility at the screen level to the Alakh Team, which could then use the data to report the value proposition of digital OOH to its clientele.

4. Taking Comprehensive Ownership

We provide comprehensive post-deployment servicing assistance. XTREME Media operates a deep network of 100+ sales & service touchpoints across India. Moreover, we maintain in-house expertise to repair every single unit of technology all the way down to the chip level.

5. Unlocking Value

While our solution delivered a more significant product experience and mitigated the post-deployment risk, our technology is designed for sustainable efficiency. Despite the higher brightness levels, our digital display screens are 95% more energy-efficient than industry-average screens. Moreover, the outdoor unit is designed to withstand weather conditions prevalent across key media locations in India.

Results & Discussion

The XTREME Media portfolio of offerings started adding value from day one of installation.

1.Ongoing Value-Add: CE, BIS, FCC, and UL-Certified

XTREME Media's offered digital OOH technology is certified by CE, BIS, FCC, and UL, ensuring comprehensive sustainability and quality standards compliance.

1. Global Leadership: World’s First & Only 7-Year Warranty

Our manufacturing quality and attention to detail allow us to deliver a 7-year warranty on our digital OOH screens. This is the most extensive warranty program for digital OOH screens in the world.

1. Redefining the Industry Standard: : BSE, Zen Media, Times OOH, and 200+ Other Recurring Clients

The Alakh Team came to us with their concerns about the systemic issues revolving around the digital OOH ecosystem. We partnered with them to continue the industry's momentous shifts toward digital OOHs, as observed by our clients like BSE, Zen Media, and Times OOH.

The Digital OOH Revolution Has Begun.
When Are You Planning to Join It?

For more information on how XTREME Media solutions can augment the value of your OOH assets, get in touch with our specialists.

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