Accenture sets the tone with Xtreme Media’s LED Displays

Accenture is one of the Fortune 500 global consulting companies with more than USD 50 billion revenue and 699,000 employees all over the world. Apart from that it has an active client base of 7,000 and caters to them through their various corporate offices present across various metropolitan cities worldwide.

In India, it has its headquarters in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka.

The requirement

Accenture has a huge headquarter in Bangalore. Looking to improve its brand and beautify its headquarters, they decided to install an LED display facade on their office building to emphasize the brand. They sought the complete LED solution from Xtreme Media.

Display Solutions offered by Xtreme Media

After reviewing the entire project, Xtreme Media proposed their best-selling outdoor LED display series called Rigel. They installed two TrueColor P20 LED displays to clearly show the content. The screen dimensions are 37 feet long and 23.5 feet wide totaling an area of 876 square feet.

Another LED display was installed at the entrance to engage visitors entering the office building. Xtreme Media installed their high sought-after Rigel series with a 6mm pixel pitch. The dimensions of the product were 37.8 in length and 10.8 in height.

This screen is used to show employees important news about videos, slides, graphics, and the company

The Challenges we faced

The biggest hurdle for this project was the height at which the LEDs were to be installed. The installation was to be done on the 20th floor. Xtreme Media’s expert solutions and installation teams worked out a way in which it could be done and successfully installed the display at the required height.

They had created a custom screen to fit the suggested installation location. One of the biggest challenges was the viewing angle when the screen was installed at this height, and Xtreme Media's expertise this problem was taken care of in no time. Generally, LED displays face problems at such altitudes due to high temperatures and heavy rains, but their LED displays quality has no match. They are IP 65 rated on the front and back, giving the screen the durability and ruggedness to withstand extreme external conditions.

The Final impression

Accenture's company building was completely transformed by the LED displays that were installed. The screen was clearly visible from a long distance thus becoming a landmark of a sort. The company uses these LED screens to show promotional materials and brand ads thus sending powerful message about their quality to their customers and competitors.

Accenture's management and authorities were very pleased and satisfied with the work skills and professionalism portrayed by Xtreme Media.

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