ABP Majha News Studio Gets A Seamless & Vibrant LED Video Wall Backdrop

With the advent of the very popular digital transformation, several news channels have been launched via the internet. One such channel is ABP Majha. Also, formerly known as Star Majha, ABP Majha is a 24-hr national free-to-air Marathi news channel. It was launched in 2007 and it delivers news in Marathi. The channel is owned by the ABP Group.

Broadcast studio environments have evolved from simple stationary static display imagery to dynamic & content driven repositories of visual capabilities that are best enhanced by Xtreme Media’s Curved LED display technologies. Broadcasters such as ABP Majha have initiated the solid transition of their studio sets over to using Indoor LED display walls created by us. The main factors proving conducive to this transition are the versatility of LED display systems and, more importantly, the affordability of the LED video walls.

Our Curved LED displays, featuring the latest fine-pixel LED technology, have found their foot in the door with regional broadcast channel studio sets like those of ABP Majha. Visually appealing, immersive backgrounds and LED displays built to serve as a backdrop keeps viewers engaged while aiding journalists/news reporters/news readers tell their news with supporting video, stills and graphics. Small pixel pitch LED video walls are seamless and offer clear picture quality for lesser viewing distances as well.

Let’s take a look at the key features of Xtreme Media Curve LED Display solution at the ABP Majha News Channel Studio:

High Refresh Rate:

The number of images that an LED display screen can play per second is largely dependednt on the refresh rate, thus the higher the refresh rate, the more images are displayed. For example, if the content being used is a high speed one then, the absence of a high refresh rate in the display system will not produce desired results and the video may crash or appear to flicker messing with the experience. Xtreme Media Curve LED displays at ABP Majha have high refresh rates which are compatible with the settings of the camera so that the screen does not flicker.


The Size of the Xtreme Media LED Curve displays at the ABP Majha studio is 23.6ft x 4.7f

Pixel Pitch:

Channel broadcasting studios started using LED displays to enhance the whole video system design. Over a period of time, these graduated to fine pixel pitch displays making them a seamless point of focus for the cameras in a studio. Our LED Displays boast of a Pixel Pitch of 2.3mm


Xtreme Media offers low Maintenance technologies which are perfect for a studio setting for daily use. The chip level repairing capability enables easy maintenance & less failure rate as well.

The monumental technology shift and online quality content have led to considerable increase in the use of digital media, consequentially changing the dynamics of the industry. Digital transformation has caused a major disruption in recent times especially with news broadcasters. Thus, using LED Curve Display screens is a win-win for our client ABP Majha and us all the way. So, if you’re looking for a broadcast set up for your news channel, Xtreme Media is a wise choice!

Case Study Details
Client: ABP Majha
 Solution: 23.6 ft x 4.7 ft Curved LED displays at the ABP Majha Studio
Completion:   In 2019

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