Barsapara Guwahati Stadium Brings An Technological Edge With XM LED Scoreboards

The new cricket stadium at Guwahati, Assam will host national & international cricket matches. To match the international standards & to create a vibrant live experience there are various facilities that are incorporated in this stadium.

Xtreme Media is providing turnkey solution for 2 LED scoreboards installed at this stadium. The solution includes hardware, software, installation, content & support.


The biggest challenges in this case were the big viewing distance gap between audience and the happening on the cricket pitch.

Another challenge was the cricket matches are conducted in any season and at day/night time. Providing the audience in stands a better experience and better view was a challenge in this environment.


LED scoreboards are vivid, bright and crystal clear. The LED wall in the Barsapara stadium. The p16 outdoor LED video wall installed is clearly visible from 16 meters & more distance. Which solves the first set of problem.

This LED scoreboard is way more efficient because of the vivacious experience it creates for a live audience. There are so many types of content that can be played against only score in numbers.

With current XM solution, it can currently create 4 types of templates, which will further be enhanced.

  1. Quick template: Match summary (score, batsman, bowler and other details)
  2. Full Scorecard: Scores of all 11 players from 2 teams
  3. Over Graph: after every over or at the end of the match, it can show the performance of a batsman/bowler/team per over.
  4. Partnership: It can show the graphical presentation of the score created by a good partnership between batsmen.

LED scoreboard is made up of true color technology. Due to which this scoreboards are clearly visible at day or night time. XM LED scoreboards are robust, weather and waterproof. Hence it is suitable for any season & at any time.


In a nutshell, LED scoreboards display all the necessary data in an attractive and graphical manner. Along with that, it solves all the problems and hurdles that conventional static scoreboards failed to solve till date.

Along with other factors, these screens are vivid, clear and bright, creating a vibrant suitable ambience for live environment of games.

Case Study Details

Client:               BCCI
 Solution:        2 pieces of p16 outdoor LED video wall is installed at Barsapara Stadium Guwahati, these screens are empowered by XM scoreboard software that will enable other content formats along with live score.
Completion:   In 2015

“Xtreme Media has provided us a comprehensive LED scoreboard solution. Keeping in mind the huge size of the stadium, two LED scoreboards of 40ft * 25ft backed by XM cricketing software have been installed. The vibrancy & live action from the pitch will easily reach the stadium audience through the scoreboards. We are happy with the final integrated solution that Xtreme Media has provided which suits our exact requirements.”

Mr. SBN Ray,
MIB Engineering.

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