Indian Railway Tied Up With Xtreme Media To Change The Face Of Railway Indicators

Indian Railways has been major mode for transportation in India due to various reasons like low fare, speed & wide network; especially to connect outskirts & remote places to metropolitan cities. Every day N number of people travel by local & express trains and for them trains are a lifeline. As the years went by, Indian Railway transformed itself in regards to geographical network coverage and technology which they adopted for betterment of their services. Soon they are adopting another change i.e. LCD screen technology on terminals, With the support from Xtreme Media Pvt Ltd. XMPL is a pioneer company in digital Signage& LED Video Walls, that is all set to make the travel experience for Indians more convenient.

If we rewind journey of Railways, & take a sneak peek, we will see slate & chalk as indicators at stations in initial days. This scenario changed with replacement by Painted wooden plates. In 1986 first indicator backed by some technology was launched which worked on manual switch operation technology. In the year 2003 led indicators were installed which are still in use. Soon we will see LCD indicators replacing LED indicators.

Reasons why LCD is replacing LED are; LCD indicators show clear picture with high resolution which can show a variety of content like videos, images, text, etc as compared to text which can be shown via LED indicators . Xtreme Media Pvt. Ltd is planning to install LCD indicators with centralized control over the railway system. This control will let Railway authorities handle coach guidance, arrival & departure information, advertisements etc. Earlier Railways had different systems for each purpose which resulted into high operating cost & ineffective communication.

At Bandra terminus these LCD indicators have been installed on trial basis. XMPL has developed an explicit solution for Surat station in Gujarat which is used for train arrival & departure and coach guidance purpose. Xtreme Media Pvt. Ltd has created an intergrated technological solution with internal software to work on wireless system. This system operates on dual view mode system i.e. whatever changes are made by operator, the same will be displayed on LCD indicators at platform. Preplanned Data can continuously run on the display as per schedule, until the operator overrides any scheduled data The operator can change data remotely with the help of digital signage software.

This type of an integrated solution will allows the Railway officials to manage thousands of displays from a central location for entire country. It will also give them the option of dividing one screen into different regions, broadcasting different format of content, at the same time. This includes content like live feed, TV streaming, advertisements, etc. Railways terminals are key places for advertisers to reach to the masses; hence Indian Railway can treat this as great source of revenue. ‘‘Static displays are not practical anymore; with paper changing into computer screens; we need something more dynamic &attractive” say the Railway officials.

In addition Railways can propogate their corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns like keep platform clean, safety instructions & guidelines, emergency announcements & most importantly arrival & departure information in most efficient way i.e. in different local languages without any disruption.

Case Study Details

Client:               Indian Railways
 Solution:        Custom made software was designed for coach management is provided for Surat Station
Completion:   In 2010

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